Still Waiting…

Well, we’re still waiting.

Waiting for them to say yes to our 3rd offer.

Jeff, our realtor friend, says it’s good. If they didn’t like it, they would have probably come back a lot faster, like they did the first 2 offers with a counter offer. He says it’s a bank and they can move very slowly when they want to.

Still… the waiting is just SOOOOOO hard on us all! Maggie keeps asking me quietly about every hour if I have heard and I have to say, no, not yet…. and she just nods and quietly goes off to wait a little more. We went and got some of the paint color books to look at paint colors for the rooms and all, and that helped some. The weather is actually getting a little nice out, so we’ve been in and outside, just kind of passing the time. Got to go to the office store and post office in a bit… I sure hope we know SOMETHING by this evening. Their realtor said they wanted to get this wrapped up YESTERDAY…. so…. who knows what is up.

Just praying and hoping and wishing and all that stuff.

Thanks SOOOOO much to everyone that has been calling and emailing and txting and waiting and hoping along with us. I feel like we’re birthing a baby! A big 3 acre baby! We’ve come so far… tomorrow will be two months to the day that we first saw OUR FARM…. (still hanging in there with the positive visualization!!!) and tonight is the night that it landed on our laps and I told Maggie and she said, “Mom, let’s got out there tomorrow….”

And we did.

If anything, this has been a wonderful ride and shows me that sometimes you have to just drop everything and go on a ride to see a little hobby farm when it’s not even in your plans. Life is like that. You know, I could have just said, “Oh, no, nice, but well, we’re thinking this is another year or two away in our 5 year goal. I have stuff to do… blah blah blah.” But something in the twinkle in Maggie’s eye, I just knew we had to go look and once we got there, it was love at first sight.

It’s just gotta happen. It’s so meant to be.

Keep hoping folks…. it’s going to be a long day!!!!


Sherri, Maggie and Jessy……

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Still Waiting… — 2 Comments

  1. It’s good they’re countering that means they’re interested but just trying to get as much as they can. I don’t know if you’ve tried this already but, perhaps the realtor’s taking a bit of a cut in their fees might make up the difference. We had a realtor do that for us the last time we sold. Making some money on a deal is better than not making any money on a deal that falls through. Just a thought.

    Can’t wait to hear what happens!!

  2. Hello Sherri, Maggie & Jessy! I have my fingers crossed for ya’ll and I am saying prayers! I can just see ya’ll moving in and sitting up the house and barns just like you want them to be. Hope ya’ll hear something soon. April In Alabama