Having a great day…

Well, this weekend has been kinda rough around the Moby… I came down with a nasty cold and sore throat, and just felt pretty yucky. I can’t remember the last time I had a full blown cold and all, so I guess I am way overdue. It’s been at LEAST two years! Which I am thankful for.

However, it was no fun to hear Maggie getting upset when she accidentally bumped a pipe in the bathroom and broke it at the connection. She got the water turned off, but then when we were trying to fix the break, we accidently broke the old pipe further under the belly of the Moby and to be honest, I just couldn’t crawl under the beast with this awful cold, in 12 degree weather in the dark. Sorry, ain’t happening. Called Steve, he’s going to come out in the morning and give us a hand. Opened all the taps to get all the water out of the system. I think it will be fine. I hope so!

Just trying to smile through it all and crawl back in bed with some hot tea and a bunch of blankies. Tomorrow is another day!!!!

Still waiting to hear about a possibility for OUR Farm… just gotta be patient…

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the banjo player for Deepwater Bluegrass, and the editor of BuckeyeBluegrass.com as well as the main graphic designer of the Westvon Publishing empire. She is a renaissance woman of many talents and has two lovely daughters and a rehab mobile home homestead to raise.

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