Potato Bags are Here!

The heavy duty 30 gallon potato grow bags are here! I ordered 5 of them to try them out…. they were only $4 each and they claim you can easily harvest 30-40 pounds of potatoes from each bag! And they are reusable and made of this eco-green recycled material too….


I’ve been reading a lot of about potato bags and stacking and such to really confuse the plant and double the yeild in small places! How cool is that. Just google “grow potatoes in a bag” and you’ll have hours of reading! I like the idea that I can put them just about anywhere… just a little 2 foot round area and I have another garden bed. We have lots of little weird spaces here in the lot, so I can find some nice places for the grow bags to go. And I like the idea that they are reusable, year after year. Pretty keen stuff out there… the internet is a great place to learn about crafty little ideas to really expand your yeild, yet without a lot of super hard work either. Neat stuff!

My strawberries are about half up… little green leaves poking up and getting going. I think we managed to save at least half of the plants that came in the mail… I’ll give the others another week or so to get their groove on and if there are too many bare spots in the bed, I’ll probably buy another small bunch of starts to fill it in nice. Just keeping my fingers crossed that they mostly survived!!!

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