Micro Homestead

Okay, I gotta admire this guy and his son… they are working to design this micro homestead building for I’m guessing one person to live pretty darn small (64 square feet?) on a little bit of land.

Yeah, neat and all, but I think sometimes people are getting just a little tooooo cheap on the space thing. I mean, okay, deer hunting shack? Yeah, tolerable for a few days especially when you’re out and hunting and all. Weekend visiting shack while you build something a bit more habitable? Okay. Maybe. Just for you and maybe a super close friend. But it you really wanted to homestead, I mean, can stuff and make stuff and all, that little thing is going to make you tear out your hair I think… just cooking day in and day out is going to be a real hassle. There’s just not enough room to make it little more than drudgery for anyone trying to live permanently in such a structure. Which it seems they are striving for.

If you have like an acre or more of land… why on earth would you want to build something smaller than a one car garage? To live in? I’m all for living small, I really am. But that just looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

For $800, which is what the to structures are estimated to cost, why not buy a nice little 10 x 12 barn shed and live in that? I’ve seen super nice kits at the hardware place, for less than a grand. You could so live easier on your homestead with that set up. Make a few adjustments with found materials, like a little nicer window or door, etc. Add a little screen porch on the side and you’ve got it made. Get a second one for your little homestead barn and house a little coop and maybe a stall or two for a few little goats.

Oh well…. that’s what’s great about America! You can do what you want!

I do like the movability and joint plan/system they are working on. I’m just thinking like a woman and looking at that little cooking area and thinking food processing, or wintertime… hahaha…. that is just too small. Prisoners get more space. Just saying….

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Micro Homestead — 1 Comment

  1. Don’t know if this is taking volutary simplicity to the next level or Unibomber territory.
    I like your idea better. And the one about living in a yurt on your “101 Things” entry.
    There was a woman featured in “Living On The Edge” on HGTV who put up a yurt on a piece of property in NM and came up with a totally off the grid year round livable space. For about $30,000 for land, yurt and improvements. And a dog. Probably a gun too, it was a ways out…. true pioneer spirit.