Love a Great Deal…


Was shopping for the food for the Opry backstage and with all the excitement of the broken bus and such I didn’t have as much time, so I dashed into the local Kroger’s to get a few deli items. And lo and behold… outside in their odd little assortment of plants and such was some wilty and dry fruit bushes! Raspberry, blackberry and blueberries! Normally priced at $12.99… marked down to…… $2.00 each!

Wow. Well, I picked out 4 of the best ones… two blueberry and two raspberry. I considered the blackberries, but to be honest, I hate the thorns on blackberry bushes. They can be quite evil. Back in the old days, I had a patch and they just got out of hand. So I just stuck with the blueberry and raspberry.

Brought them home, got them in the shade and Jessy gave them a LONG cool soak of water, and within a few hours they were bright and perky. I just love getting perennials when the stores don’t want to take care of them anymore. It’s such a stinkin’ good deal.

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