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Better living through chemistry, they used to say… I guess it’s true. Been feeling a little puny of late, just tired and well, not that “right”. Kind of a gradual thing really, just noticing that I’m slowing down a bit. Sure some of it is age, but I’m not THAT old yet… pushing 47 actually if anyone wonders.

But I got to reading and I know it’s very alarming how little actual nutrients and such we are getting from food these days. We’re depleting the soils and our foods are just, well, lacking a bit. So I was talking with my friend Lynda and she mentioned that she wanted to start treating her own body better and to take some suppliments and such and I decided that would probably not be a bad thing for myself as well. So we decided to partner up and encourage each other in health as well as in business and friendship. It’s always fun to have someone to be accountable to! Helps to have Big Sister watching over your shoulder.

Well, it’s been a week and I must admit, I do feel a little more perky. We got about half of the garden planted finally this morning and I didn’t feel as run down as I thought I would. And I’ve noticed I’m sleeping a little better, and just, well, feeling a little better. Might be a placebo effect, sure, but then, it could be as well that I’m feeding my engine just a little higher grade and it’s pleased with it.

I’m not going nuts… just a decent women’s one a day, some Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement for my crappy old knees, and iron pill because I’m just running low on energy and such, a potassium pill because I’m really intolerant of the heat and it does help me to have a boost of potassium each day, and a omega oil pill thing that I got a while back and is suppose to do wonders!

We’ll see how I feel in a month or so, and whether or not I can stay consistent at this task. That seems to be the biggest issue. Consistency.

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