First Harvest


Fresh picked and gloriously red, sweet and ready to go so nicely with a bowl of my favorite simple oatey circles… I announce our first Moby farm harvest of the year!!!

Half a pound of lovely little sweet strawberries!!!

Also picked a half pound of leaf lettuce and some chives and other herb goodies. The lettuce went into a salad, but I think I let it go a little too long as it was a bit sour tasting. The herbs are going to be drying for service later on this year.

Still have to get most of my garden planted, just been fighting a flu bug and the weather has not been cooperating. But that which is actually in the beds is doing nicely. Onions, garlic, and carrots. And of course all the seedlings in the cold frame are doing wonderfully. Soon… sooon……

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First Harvest — 1 Comment

  1. No worries! I have yet to plant my garden yet. This week it needs to get done! I have carrots, string beans, beets, and green peppers that have to go in still.