Great for barfights…


Well, Maggie and I are disappointed.

We got a bottle cutting gadget off Ebay and thought we would make some really cool candles in our cut off wine bottles and such.


All we succeeded in doing was making homemade weapons for bar fights.

BAD BAD BAD BAD Nasty broken bottles.

Here’s what they SAY it will do.

The perfect way to put the fun back into recycling all those glass bottles and jars that seem to accumulate around the house, while transforming them into useful items such as hanging planters, terrariums, bowls, and candle holders. The Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter features an exclusive floating head design that allows you to cut bottles and jars of various shapes and sizes. Kit Contains: Adjustable Bottle Cutter, two cutting wheels, glass taper, adjustment wedge, five glass sanding sheets for finishing the cut edges, and a twenty-four page, full color bottle cutting reference guide.


Guess what? It is not that easy.

And I really should have looked around on the web for reviews… cuz this is what I found AFTER the fact…

This item is made of very cheap plastic. There were no written instructions for assembly, only a picture of the parts and of the completed item. I generally don’t have difficulty assembling things, but this was just… weird. When I finally got it figured out, I ended up having to wait to use it until I could locate some “household oil”. Apparently it’s poor form not to lube the cutter each and every time one uses it. I finally get some 3-In-1 oil, lubricate the cutting wheel, and prepare to cut a thin bottle. The cutting wheel doesn’t even scratch the glass. I tried over and over but it didn’t even leave a mark, much less score the glass. Further investigation showed the cutting wheel is not even sharp enough to nick skin. The enclosed booklet shows some ideas for projects that are so hideous I have not the words to describe them. Just absolutely tacky, terrible “crafts” that may drive sensitive people mad, and all others merely blind. Run. Save yourself. It’s too late for me…

The manual was vague and non-descriptive. There are 5 pieces sitting here which I have no idea what to do with as the manual does not even give an assembly diagram. The cutting wheel is worthless and barely makes a score. What a piece of garbage. I have been cutting glass and doing stained glass for years and thought I’d try my hand at recycling my bottles this way. This isn’t worth 10 cents let alone $[…].

I saw commercials for a bottle cutter when I was a kid in the 1970’s ,long before the internet existed. I always wanted one. I envisioned recycling old bottles for glassware and for other decorative and functional items. Then the product disappeared from tv commercials. I was so happy to find that bottle and glass cutters were still around so I purchased what i thought was a good one from amazon. FIRST, the product is difficult to position, the arm with the cutter is hard to get in exactly the right place and if it is not tight enough it slips when one goes to use it. The product is made of BRITTLE plastic that would in all probability crack if the wing is turned too tightly in an attempt to secure the cutter blade into position. SECOND, it is hard to hold the bottle in place because it slips and slides on the smooth plastic base. THIRD, it does NOT cut as easily or as cleanly as one would expect. FOURTH, it is extremely time consuming to tap, tap, tap on the inside of the bottle. FIFTH, if there is the SLIGHTEST flaw in the jar or bottle to be cut then there will be an uneven chunk to fall out of the side far below the taped line.
SORRY to be the author of such a negative review but this item is a complete waste of money.

Maggie and I are sad.

Perhaps we need to do it the You Tube way…. Yeah….

This guy seems to know what he’s talking about. I wonder if it will work for us… HMMMMM…..

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