For the Love of Hot Water

Hard to believe, but I’ve been without running hot water for almost 2 months again…

Not by choice really… more just a monetary thing.   For some reason the heat regulator on my fairly new water heater decided to go out.  And because I was wrestling with my car/van situation and Christmas, it just wasn’t something that I could swing and get finished up.

And to be honest, several times in the last few years I’ve gone without hot water and managed to get through it without too much difficulty.  I’ve learned how to boil water and to wash up like about 3/4 of the world does that doesn’t have a shower or running water…  washcloth and a bucket!

However, that does not mean I can’t appreciate the modern convienences of running hot water!  It’s much easier to wash dishes… (yeah we gave up on dishwashers…  I’ll explain that later on!)  and since we don’t have a washer and dryer (okay, I’ll explain that later too…  ) the only thing that was a challenge, was daily washing and dishes!

My daughters would shower over at their Dad’s at least a couple times a week, so that helped a lot, and then on the off days, they got pretty used to the whole situation here at the moby.

But anyway…  I had saved up the cash to get the part installed… and was just running a little water when all the sudden, I felt HOT WATER!  yes, real hot water… and the part was not here yet…   OH MY!   For what ever reason, the old part must has started to work again!

So I filled up the sink with soap hot water, not sure if it was some sort of fluke.. like maybe it was warm from the heat?  Though that had never happened before…


And once there was STILL hot water left… I was naked in 2.4 seconds and making my way for the bathroom and a HOT SHOWER!!!!  YAHOOO!!!!

I probably scared the children, but hey, they’re old enough and girls, so they know how wonderful hot hot hot water feels on a tired old body that is a little on the cold side too!  (g)

I stayed in there till I was getting puckery fingers and the mirror was all fogged up!  Such delight!  Such comfort!  My body was hydrated to the max!  It was wonderful!


I’m still gonna have that part exchanged because I’m not sure how long it will last working again… and even though it’s worked two days in a row… I’m pretty sure it will fail again.   Apparently this part is commonly failing and the company didn’t even hardly question my request!

But in the meanwhile… I’m totally enjoying the hot water now!!!


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