Decks and Porches

Just in the dreaming stage, but I figure that maybe this year if I can swing it, I’d like to add a little deck/porch to the moby… something nice as a overhang for the front door, and covered so I could sit out and enjoy the rain and enjoy a little porch area.

Of course, we’d build it ourselves, with the help of talented friends, but still, I got to thinking that I really had no idea of what I really want. I’ll know it when I see it, and so far some of my searches seem close, but not quite right yet….

Here are some of the near misses… Some are a little too big and some are a little too small, but they sort of have a similar look and idea with them. I definately want a roof over it. Something that you can hang shades on or even bug netting in a nice simple manner. A railing, that would be nice. And of course, elevated to the level of the Moby floor. Mostly because my front steps are a real doosy of a first step, without a railing, and all that. And a covered porch would give us a nice clean area without snow and ice and such, and could even be blocked in a bit in the winter to make a sort of draft stopper from the front door and all.

What do you all think? Am I heading in the right way? Anyone have any cool pictures to share of their moby deck/porch? Please let me know!

Email here if you wish!


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Decks and Porches — 3 Comments

  1. You won’t believe it, but I just had a porch built onto my moby. It has been finished for about a week. We are going to put the skirting around the bottom of the porch ourselves. If I can figure out how to send you pictures via email, I will. It is very simple but just what I wanted. I had a longer one on my old moby and it was space we never used.

  2. What a good idea. You should consider making it a little bit bigger than the first picture, and make a place to hang coats and umbrellas, and put wet shoes.

  3. I can’t believe I found your blog! I’ve been following your reno on Youtube since you began. I did want to implore you not to ATTACH the porch to the moby. You have to build it independently very close to the moby and use flashing between moby’s roof and porch’s. If you attach you will invite leaks. I especially like the porch with trellis above. You could use those clear corrugated panels on it. Your landscaping in spring is so pretty. Good job.