Look what the Cats Dragged in…


Meet Nela.

Jack and Luna found Nela outside…  she’s the cast off from some neighbors that moved about a month ago.  She’s just a teeny little petite kitty girl, all black and cute, fluffy and all.  She has a beautiful little pink and rhinestone color, name tag and all, but she’s starving and sits outside her empty home and cries so sad.

We’ve called and left messages on her phone number but of course, no replies.  And the other neighbor says they left her.  He’s been feeding her a little but he can’t take her in, he’s allergic.  It’s a tough thing.  I mean, we took in Jack and he’s definetly part of the gang now.  But little Nela too?  4 cats and a dog and 2 ferrets?  Hmm.


She’s lost a lot of weight, you can feel all her backbone bumps.   And she is very very hungrey.  She is such a sweetie and she’s been in the house now about an hour and is just relaxed and likes the dog and is just being a perfect little guest.  Even the other kitties are past the hissy stage of “STRANGER IN THE HOUSE” panic because Nela just backs off and gets super tiny and lets them be the boss.


Gypsy is great with kitties, she loves to protect and herd them and all.  And Nela is used to dogs, the people had a pair of them, which of course, they took with them.  Why people abandon pets is beyond me.  This little kitty is just a sweet joy and surely someone would have taken her in if they had tried.  She’s really cute and all.  Beautiful golden eyes, fluffy black silky hair and that little white patch and her cute little heart tag.


Gypsy approves.  And it’s snowing outside.  Just lightly. but still.  Snow.

So as long as there is harmony in the moby then I guess we have room at the inn for one more little fuzzy for awhile.  We’ll see about finding her a good forever home… she’s so sweet and affectionate…  she would make such a sweet pet for someone.


Even Luna seems tolerant of the little princess.  After all it was she and Jack that were drawing the little thing over to visit on our porch and entice Maggie into fits of Oooooooooohhhhness and Mom……. can’t we help her-ness…   I think even Luna has a soft spot in her heart for strays and Maggie.  Afterall, Luna was a stray once too.

Anyone near Toledo Ohio that needs a puuurrrrrfect little kitty?

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Look what the Cats Dragged in… — 3 Comments

  1. Oh wow, what a pretty cat. I don’t understand why she was left behind either, cats are so easy to care for. Enjoy your new house guest and the snow fall! It’s an 85 degree humid tropical rainforest here, on friday we broke a record high with 89! Hate it.

  2. Oh she is super sweet and just the nicest little kitty… she’s petite and so silky soft. She’s settled in just as simply as you could ask and is not being a bother at all. In fact everyone else has accepted her just fine. We’ve been watching her carefully and not letting her gorge on food, but giving her a little bit every couple hours so she doesn’t get sick. She’s pretty skinny and hungrey, but at least she sleeping now and seems a little more content.