President’s Day Flood…


It started raining on President’s Day, early in the morning, and it didn’t stop for almost three full days.  By the end of the first day, this is what our little homestead looked like.  It was miserable. The whole county was like this, rivers rising up many feet and fields totally under water.   Many of our backroads were flooded out.  It was a mess.

rain go away

This big system was to blame, it was really relentless.  Just hovered over our place, hardly moving at all.  Just no fun.  We flood often but this was pretty early in the year and just a LOT of water.  Thank goodness, our sump pump worked great so our basement did not flood as well.  Still, it was a mess.  A big mess.


Kung and Po, our free range rooster brothers, knew it was bad and decided to hang out in the screen porch most of the days!  Smart birds…


As you can see, pretty much only the ducks were happy about this.  This is part of our dog yard.  I think we need dogfish here instead!  IMG_3321 IMG_3323 IMG_3325

There wasn’t much we could do for the animals then to let them out of their paddocks and seek higher ground in our middle yard.  We just let everyone out together.  Sheep, goats, ponies and ducks!  Everyone was behaving, just trying to stay dry.


It’s hard to tell, but even with all this water, my spot in the garden that I want to build my yurt was dry!  It’s past the little white fence and to the right hand corner.  It was water all around it, however, so if it got really bad, I might be stranded out there without some high water boots!


The courtyard garden was fine, it’s pretty high there.  But gosh, just take a look past the ratty little fence!  WATER everywhere!  Oh dear!

I’m hoping to replace that fence this year…  it has served well and I got it for like $20 on Craigslist, but it’s just really showing its age.  Maggie said she would build me a lovely new sturdy fence.  I believe she will!


There is an odd, helpless feeling when you watch the waters just keep rising.  You watch the weather report and radar and just pray that the rain will stop.  Move on, spread it’s lovely water somewhere else.  We’ve had enough, thank you.  Our draingage system can handle a good gullywasher, but three days of hard, steady rain is hard and things just start to back up.

Soon, we’d like to rent or borrow a little digger and just make our draingage ditch deeper, but even that would have not helped much on this day…  just too much, too fast and for too long.  Hopefully, it will soak in fast!

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