Jessy’s Christmas Photo…


Every year, Jessy tries to get Evee to take a cute Christmas picture.

Heck, she tries to get ANYONE to take a cute picture and none of the animals want to cooperate.


Evee acts like you are killing her.  She hates to dress up.


Toto kitty says, sure, I’ll try it…   but then, hey, what is this little fluffy ball on this red thing?


Yeah, about the best we can get with a kitty.


Ratchet tries, but he isn’t very comfortable on a chair.  And he won’t stay still on the ground.


So she brings out treats.  Everyone loves treats.



Maybe we should just take a picture of Jessy wearing the Santa hat!  It would probably be a lot easier…


Evee was not happy when she put the hat on her Floppy Puppy.  Floppy Puppy is HER plaything…  you are not allowed to touch him…

Just she finally managed to get a nice shot of one of the Windhaven critters…  Maybe she should try the goats next year?


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