Crib Trellis


Repurposing things in your garden is a lot of fun. It can add some whimsy to your green spaces!

My favorite thing right now is to take old crib sides and make garden supports out of them!

Tim found this crib when he was out scraping one night and brought it back for me! It was missing one side, but that’s okay, he just screwed the long side in the middle between the two ends to make a sort of “I” shape.

I was able to plant sweet pea plants all around the shape, inside and outside of the angles and we’ll soon have TONS of fall peas!

I’m thinking this “I” shape would be great in the middle of a bed, and plant tomatoes in the four corners so that they would have support from the two sides and easy access to picking and harvest.

He’s on the lookout for a couple more for me!

The two sides that I found at the beginning of the season worked great! Right now they are home to more fall peas and a very involved pole bean collection!

Don’t forget to look at things at the curbside with a thought towards some functional whimsy in your garden!

A wire tall CD rack would be a great climbing trellis for a plant! And old windows make great cold frame covers! All cool stuff!

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