A Little Sewing Party!


I decided it was time to get my sewing machine going, and to do up a few little projects that I had planned!


The first thing up with a little soft Ipad pillow that I could use to prop up my ipad when I am watching movies!  (Or tv shows…)  Usually, I was just propping it up on things and then I thought, wait, I could make a little poofy pillow with a bit of a back on it, and that would love lovely.   I actually had some of those little teeny beads for the stuffing and wanted to use them up!   It worked out so nice.  And works perfectly!

It kind of looks like a little purple couch.  For my beloved ipad.  DSC_0218


Maggie wanted a workshop apron so that she wouldn’t get her clothes so full of shavings and sawdust!   Your wish is my command!   I made her a nice heavy duty brown denim apron.  She approves!  It works just fine.  DSC_0223

Luna and Calcifer laying about, waiting for me to make something good for them.  Haha…  sorry kitties.  Nothing for the kitties planned today.


I wanted to make a little pantry shelf topper for the top two shelves of the panty.  I have a big plan, to make the bottom two shelves all cute and clever with nice jars and little baskets and such.   But the top two will be storage for things that we don’t use as often and aren’t that pretty.  The whole new shelves/pantry project is still in the works, as you can see.  Still debating whether to put up another shelf in the bottom or not.  I’d rather wait and see what sort of storage things I want to put down there and all.   But we’re very busy right now with holiday sales, so it will have to wait until January!  Still, the topper is a start and it’s so cute!  DSC_0230 DSC_0232

Last up on the sewing parade is a couple new goat coats for the sheared angoras!   We sheared a little later in the season than we really wanted to, so I made them up a couple of fleece goat coats to give them a little extra help from the cold.  They are very simple in nature, but seem to work well.  Just a big rectangle of fleece, with a couple little ties at the chest and then belly straps underneath to keep it on straight.  Pretty simple.


Buttercup and Sam are doing fine in with the sheep.  Even though Sam is an angora, he was very robust and has been fine.  Buttercup is positively chunky in her fuzzy warm winter hair!  We moved them in with the sheep for a few weeks to give Lefty, Rana and Rafeka a chance to bulk up a bit.  They were a little scrawny, and just needed some extra groceries.   It’s hard with fiber animals…  when they are heavy coated, it’s easy to miss their overall body condition.  The more meek, gentle animals can sometimes get bullied and pushed out of the feed by the bigger, stronger animals.  Seeing that Buttercup and Sam were both in charge and rotund…  I think a little separation was in order.  DSC_0239

Lefty got the Frozen look…   she is modeling her nice blue snowflake look!


Rana and Rafeka look rather like hobbits on a journey!   They love their coats, though.  It’s funny, most anything you do to them…  shearing, hoof trimming, shots, meds, they will fight and act like you are killing them.  But when it comes to coats?   They stand there patiently and pick up their legs and are really very cooperative.  Makes me laugh!  They are pretty smart.  They know the coats and nice and warm!  DSC_0243 DSC_0247 DSC_0249 DSC_0250 DSC_0251I don’t do a lot of sewing, but when I do, I enjoy it!   I used to make some quilts and do clothing sewing, but just have gotten away from it.   I picked up a pattern for a top awhile back…  I think I need to just sit down and make it up soon!   Because I really enjoyed today’s sewingpalooza!  And by the looks of it, everyone enjoyed the results of my effort.



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