Learning to Dye…


I had so much fun learning to dye fibers with Kool-Aid that I had to go and invest in a set of big girl dyes!  Yes, real acid dyes so that the colors are nice and fast and set well.  And the colors are a wider range of colors…   which is nice for spinning and all.  DSC_0520 DSC_0523 DSC_0524 DSC_0525

I got my dyes from Dharma Trading…  you can google them to find their website.   They are just the coolest place, tons of stuff for anything fiber and silk, tie dye and all that fun stuff.  Write for their free catalog!  Its lovely to look through and shop with!  Lots of instruction as well.


I made little samples so that I would know how the dyes work with my creamy and off white fibers as well as the bright white mohair.  There is a nice subtle difference.  DSC_0537 DSC_0541

Been washing and picking as much fiber as possible…  Got five more raw fleeces to go…  plus two very clean alpaca fleeces…   borrowed a carder and so we’ve been carding like fools!   Have to return it soon so I want to try and get as much carded as possible so that I can just spin, spin, spin!  Plus I’d like to store the fleeces in something better than plastic bags very soon.   Plastic is okay for a brief bit, but it would be better to store them in something like cloth or cardboard…  something breathable.  You need to protect them from moths and such, but you don’t want them to mildew or anything, either.  All working towards having a full fledged fiber studio some day!    That’s the plan at least!




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