Buttercup to the Rescue…


When we had our ewe Beulah cast off her son, Thistle and become dry and uninterested in him as her child, we had to take the little fella into our hearts and become his moms.   But milk replacer is expensive, almost $30 a bag!  So we were SO surprised when our milk goat, Buttercup, decided to start lactating again after six months of being dry.  And no newborn goat kid from the ordeal.   She just started to bag up and I gave a nozzle a try and milk!   Wow!

I guess it’s somewhat common, if not uncommon.  One of those weird things.   She comes from a very milky line of goats and so, well, might as well go with the flow…  so to speak.   I started to milk her about a week ago, and at first she was only giving about a cup or so…  but then it was two cups…  now it’s a quart a day!   It’s perfect to help feed little Thistle!


Of course, we needed a little refresher course on where to stand for proper milking.  This is not quite right.  Of course, she can reach her snacks just fine… but it’s a little difficult to milk this way.


One extra treat I’ve added for her help and cooperation on the milk stand is a little spa treatment.   Miss Buttercup absolutely adores to be brushed.  She will stand there for an hour if I kept up the act.  I give her a nice full body brush after she’s done and just melts.   I think I would too!   I’m sure it feels nice…


Our little foodsaver milking machine pump works so well.   I don’t mind hand milking, it’s just that this pump makes it quicker and easy.  And it saves my hands from getting too tuckered out.  Being that I am a graphic artist and weaver, I’m always using my hands and if I can give them a break, I do.  It’s a nice time to spend with my favorite goatie gal.   And it’s so nice to be helping out a little fellow critter!  Yeah Buttercup!

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