First Project of Spring!


Winter is hard on a little farm.   Everything looks a little worn out, a little tired…   mud is everywhere, dirt, just kinda blah.   I can’t wait for a little of warm sunshine and some decent temperatures to be able to start cleaning stuff up, moving things around, all that spring cleaning chore list wanna-dos!  Mine is about as long as my arm!  Probably both arms!   I would really like this to be the year of total organization and clean up!   Yah!

But, right now, we are trying to get into the swing of things with our first project!   Now mind you, yup, it’s not a real big thing, but it’s the first and I’m thrilled with the outcome.   It was like 32 degrees out, and that is just not really fun weather yet to work in.

But we got it done and it’s really helped!   Yes…   we installed a little mud damage control at the courtyard gate!   We have a few areas on the farm that just always seem to get the worse of traffic and mud.   This little portal into the middle yard is always a mess.   So we got ten flat pavers and a 100 pounds of small stone.  The pavers help to flatten out the area and distribute some of the mud and the stone fills in around it.   I think another two bags of loose stone will complete this, but well, I only got two at the time.   We used four on the courtyard side and six on the middle yard side.

And it’s working!   So much nicer.  The pavers are sinking in a little bit like we hoped and it’s leveling out nicely.  I might get like four more pavers for this area…  along with a bit more stone, but so far, it’s really helping.



We have been doing this each year to various places and it’s really cool to see the past year’s areas performing so much better this year.   Its working!   We have three more areas of concern.   By the main pump…  in front of the poultry barn door and around the fire pit.   The pump has a few pavers but it’s not quite enough.   I think next time we go to town I’m going to get about 20 paver and 6 or 8 bags of stone.   That should really help!   I want to price a dump truck load of pea gravel, but I’m afraid the delivery costs out here might be a little high.   Would LOVE to gravel our driveway!   Soon… soooon…..

Still, it was fun to have our first real planned project of the season happen!   Yeah!  Only 27,000 more to go!!!

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