Throwback Thursday… This week, last year! 2014


Just a little fun post…   this is what was happening this week, last year!   It was still snowy and wintery, but it was getting closer to spring and some warmer temperatures!  It was on this day exactly last year that Onyx and Ebony busted out of their hog house and decided to take the girls for a little walk.   Silly pigs!   We love them and I would not mind them walking about, but the problem is they are such good rooters and they dig up everything!   Especially fresh new grass!   So back to the hut they went, good little piggies.   Of course, not without a little visit to the screen porch and a bucket of goodies to lure them back.


This was the week that Bonnie the rescue sheep came to live with us!   She is such a sweetie and we love her to bits.   Of course, when she arrived, she was pretty sure we were going to mutilate and attack her and call her mean names.   So all the way to the paddock she just flopped around, baaaed and pretty much did her best performance of sheep drama.  She was okay.  We just let her work it out.  Once she was in with the other sheep and calmed down a bit, she was just fine and dandy!   Now she is one of the flock and comes up for chin rubbies and goodies very easily.   Hard to see that in her arrival last year!   We can’t wait to see if she is expecting this year.  We so want her to have a little friend or two to fuss over.   She’s a wonderful momma.  And a great aunt!  DSC_0503DSC_0519

Along with Bonnie came Howdy, the half buck.  He’s the creamy brown one on the far end.   He was causing a little trouble at his home and we thought it would be a good thing to have an angora buck…  well, he was good for about a month and then started to be a little stinker!  He was a ninja escape goat and in the end that was his reason for leaving again in a few months.   But he left behind a little nugget in the form of baby Blackjack!  Awwww….


It’s so exciting to see Maggie in just two shirts… no hoodie and jacket and gloves and all!   We know spring is just around the corner…  next weeks temperatures are all up in the upper 40s!   Bathing suit weather!!!   (Haha, well, maybe not.  but still, pretty nice after last night’s -7!!!)  



Welcome to the start of flood and mud season around these parts of Ohio!   Yup…  a month of muck!!!  We just can’t wait!!


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