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Not a whole lot going on here at the homestead.   Just trying to stay warm and get through this blasted frigid time!  It’s been unseasonably cold and we’re not even officially into winter!   Single digits in December is not really common for Ohio…  that always seems to happen more into January and such.   Oh well!   We’re just laying low, keeping everyone nice and fed and sheltered and living life one day at a time!

Been doing a lot of reading… and these two books I recently got from Amazon and am enjoying them!   The first…  Chickens in the Road by Suzanne McMinn I read through in one day, it was that good!   Both books are written by fellow bloggers that I enjoy reading their blogs online.  Chickens in the Road is more of a memoir, a personal accounting of how she stepped away from a fairly urban life to rural West Virginia and all the adventures along the way.  Just a wonderful read and I enjoyed it very much!

The second book is another blogging pair of writers…  Little House in the Suburbs.  I enjoyed their blog for years, especially when I was in the Moby and urban homesteading.  When they came out with this book, I knew it would be good and I wanted to support them, and thank them for the years of inspiration and good ideas!   It’s a little more geared towards urban homesteading, but I’m finding it chock full of good small homestead  ideas…  which work well, urbanely or rurally!


As you might have gathered if you’ve been reading our blog…  we’re not really into a lot of new purchases…  prefer to shop thrift and also just live very frugally…  But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good sale day or can get caught up in the whole Black Friday hoopala!  We made one stop…  to get boots for the girls!    Maggie wanted to get a good higher boot that would help to strengthen and support her ankle and leg that she broke this summer.  Plus she was tired of Shadow or Cody stepping on her toes in sneakers!  She also wanted a sturdy boot with a steel toe for working at the junk yard.  Pretty practical gal, don’t you think?  She got those nice blunt toe cowboy boots…  She loves them!

Jessy wanted something a little more girly, and she is not quite out in the back forty as her sister, so she was thrilled to find these nice suede and fake fur boots for only $19 at Tractor Supply!  She really likes them and you can’t see, but there is a cute lace up straps on the back…  she is tickled.

Me, I’m fine in the winter footwear department…  but thanks for asking!


Evee and Ratchet being cute together!  You just gotta love Ratchy…  he simply adores his woman, and is just her love slave.   He is so sweet when she’s a true bitch, he puts up with her high drive, high maintenance quirks and never even turns a lip or a snarl to her when she’s a diva girl.  He just wags his tail and smiles at her and waits for the moments that she’s sweet again to him.  And they come, she grooms his ears and they take naps together and of course, run and play.  She loves him very much as well, and will be a nervous mess if he’s out with Maggie or gets to go on a car ride without her!


Dixie Chicky loves her some oil lamp glow!   She’s so funny…  as soon as I light the lamp, she wants to be right there, staring into the glow and soaking it in.  I thought at first it was warmth, but it doesn’t put off that much heat.  And she always sits up, staring into the it and basking in the glow.   I think she just likes it.  And she thinks it’s pretty.    And hey, what lady doesn’t look lovely in the glow of firelight???   She’s such a cutie…

Well, we’re laying low, working hard on holiday orders and just trying to stay warm and comfy.  We’re getting ready for a big storm this weekend, supposed to get some snow…  like a few inches to 7 or 8 or well, maybe 104 if you listen to some folks!  Haha….   I think we’re going to get a nice dump, so we’re ready…    we got firewood, hay, food, feed, pop and finally good internet and streaming video!   I think we’re set!  We gave all the animals a big extra helping of chow to keep them happy and warm and we’re pretty much just in waiting mode now.  Hope all is well around your little homestead!!!

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  1. Been a long week here on our little homestead…my oither half has been down for the count with the stomach “flu” –a nasty norovirus that is kicking his butt. We have had freezing rain the past 6 hours and now it’s starting to snow. I think we’re ready…to stay home and take it easy for a couple of days. lol