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I love seeing the Amish around our neighborhood.  I wish it was more acceptable to see more horse and buggies around.  I would drive Cody to the dollar store if I had a cart.  Someday.  Why not?  He would love it, to get out and go for a little trot.  It’s about 4 miles or so.  We would take it easy… start with going to the neighbors, driving around the place a bit.  And then take and make a day of it now and then.  Go to town.  Enjoy the ride, pack a lunch.  Visit.  I like the idea of moving a little slower sometimes.  I totally get it, the idea that horse and buggy keeps the Amish centered and in their own community.  I hate running errands sometimes.  Spending the day in the car.

And I love the fact that they don’t mind shopping at English folk’s garage sales!  Heck, why not?  Everyone likes a good sale!


Meet Moo.   I got her for 97 cents.  I asked how much she was and the older gentleman said, whatever change you got in your pocket!  haha….  I had almost a buck.  And I got a cool little wooden looking cow.  She has a little metal tag that says “moo”.   I think she’s a perfect guardian for Blue.


IMG_0935Here’s my stash…  I got a vaccuum for $20. They said it worked fine and I suppose I should have asked to plug it in because when we got home it was blowing smoke and acting really weird!!!  I was so sad.  Thankfully our wonderful neighbors came to the rescue and Jr. got her running like a champ!  It was plugged up!  Shesh…

And I got another Mr. Beer kit for $3!   I love using the kegs to make beer with.  They are great!  I have three now!  I think it’s going to be time soon to get a batch or three going…  We’re almost out of last year’s lagers!

And I got this foot spa thing, never used!  It’s lovely…  another $3…   I thought it would be nice for my sore farmer footies after a long day or work.  And as a friend noted…. they make awesome heated chicken waterers!!!  hahahaha…. never thought about that!

I’ve been noticing that the garage sales have been a little, well, weak.  I wonder if it’s the economy or are people finally slowing down their wreckless spending?  Used to be a community wide sale day would fill the car with great deals.  Instead, we really didn’t come back with much.  I also got a couple CDs for a quarter…  and the girls each got a thing or two… but we all agreed… it was slim pickings.  It’s been that way for several days outings.  I guess it’s okay…  We’ve been trying to find just would suits us and watch the “oh, it’s cheap, I’ll buy, don’t know why, but it’s neat…” sort of thing.

How have your garage sales been in your area????




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