Beeswrap Contest Winning!


I actually won a contest from a blog that I enjoy, Food in Jars…  and was delighted to get this little package in the mail.  I was so interested in this product. Since I am very careful about wasting plastic wrap and foil, this is just the perfect product for me!  I actually have a box of foil sheets that we had for two years!

Created by a lady in Vermont, these wraps are perfect!  They are infused cloth with beeswax,  so you can use them over and over.  They wash up nice, just a little swish in some soapy hot water and then a bit of time to dry.  They warm up in your hand, so you can lay them over a bowl or mug, seal the edge with your hand for a moment and then stash in the frig or leave out and not worry about stuff bothering your food.

Now, I wouldn’t use them to transport some sticky mess to a party, or perhaps long term freezer storage.  But that’s not really their purpose, as I see it.  They are idea for a bit of leftovers in the frig, or to wrap up a cut piece of cheese.  I used one sheet nicely for rising bread dough on the counter that I didn’t want dust or kitties to bother!  (Yes, occasionally, we had a bad kitty that thinks it’s okay to check out things on the counter!!!  Luna!!!!)

And I love the idea of them being reusable.  Perfect!  Heck, I even liked how they were wrapped… in a simple sheet of brown tissue paper.  They come in three sizes and I find them to be a nice addition to my plans of being less wasteful of things like foil and clingwrap and the likes.  Sure, saving a few rolls of foil isn’t going to save the world, but hey, it helps my budget and it just feels better.  I think we will be enjoying these for a good long time!!!

(And winning them was really fun too!!!) Thanks!!!!

Check them out…



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