Saturday Morning Chores…


We got Maggie a new farm jacket at the Rural King…  she just looks like she’s lived in the country for all her life!  Digging her muck boots and is ready to take on chores with her new Carhartt duds on!  Our chickies are doing good too!  I would love to put them out in the big brooder but it’s just a teeny bit too cold still out there.  Even with a heat lamp or two, it will be a little chilly.  Another week when they get more feathers and the temps come up a bit, they will probably be moving into their new digs!


Cody is always waiting for you when you come out, he knows the food ladies are his best buddies when he has to be locked up in the paddock.  It’s so muddy out, that it’s really better for them to be locked up in an area than out making the whole place a mucky mess.  I really want the grass to get a good start once it starts warming up.


The ewes all look so funny when they are sheared!  So neat and trim, they almost look like goats.  Little Bridget is so cute with her little white socks.  She is such a doll.  Holly and Noel are showing off their lovely black black coats.  Emily told me that they are not Shetlands, but she thinks they are both Black Welsh Mountain sheep!  I knew they were not purebred Shetlands for sure, but the lady we bought them from thought they were cross bred with Shetland and something else.  But after checking photos and from Emily’s sure recommendation, I have to agree, they look just like Black Welsh Mountain sheep!  They are the only true really black sheep.  That is really cool!  I wonder what their lambs will look like, crossed to a purebred fancy Shetland ram!  Time will tell!


There is always one that has to complain in a crowd, eh?   Ivy is annoyed by something.


Angus and Fergus have been hanging out in the ram shack!  I guess they are getting tired of listening to the ewes talk about baby stuff.  Can’t wait for the weather to get a little warmer so I can paint the doors and frames of the buildings!


I dunno, but that looks like a baby bump to me!

I’ve learned that sheep don’t really show their pregnancy until the last 3 weeks or so.  We have about 6 weeks until the first possible times…  Can’t wait!!!


Awww….  Rana and Rafeka snuggling under the heat lamp!  I know they will be happy as soon as it warms up a bit more!


Rafeka with his new more manly coat.  It fits him a little better as well.



Buttercup still likes her cuddle time after her bottle.   Did we mention that she is just the cutest little darn thing?????



Everyone enjoying some nice yummy hay!   Buttercup is starting to eat with her big siblings.  She should start to really learn to graze a bit more as the weeks go on.  She is just one month old now…  As I understand, we’ll be feeding her another couple weeks but will start to wean her off as she eats more and more hay and a little bit of goat feed.  I need to get a bag of it so she can enjoy learning about real food!  The angoras are just on hay for the most part and doing fine, but I do give them a little sweet feed now and then to keep their heat up at night.  But a decent goat chow will be good to get Buttercup all her grown up vitamins!!!



We lost a few good sized branches with our last ice storm, and one tree up front lost a big major branch.  It looks like that tree is pretty much dead and we’ll be cutting it down soon.  It lost a big branch at the first of the winter as well, and it’s just not looking very good.  Thankfully we didn’t loose too many branches or trees though!  I haven’t been out to the back to check out the wood lot, but we haven’t seen any obvious downed trees.  We were lucky!  The news was showing a lot of really messed up trees from this last storm!  We just got a little bit of kindling for our firepit!

Just another Saturday morning of chores!

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