Meet Princess Buttercup…

As you might have known, I was looking for a milking goat doe for our little homestead.  I was pretty specific, as we are not big milk drinkers, just here, have a glass of milk, kind of gals.  I wanted high butterfat….   However, we love to bake with it, make cheese and butter, that kind of thing.

However, everyone wants SO much moola for a nice milking goat that I finally decided the best thing would be to get us a little doeling, and raise her up ourselves.  Sure it will take longer but in the end we’ll have a super sweet, bonded to us milk goat in about a year.  And the price was SO much more within our budget.  Actually, pretty darn reasonable for a super nice doe from a new friend of ours, Sarah, just around the corner into Michigan.

Come to think of it, we get nearly all our livestock from Michigan.  Weird.

Anyway…  we went to Sarahs to check out this sweet little thing that is half Nubian and half LaMancha.  From really lovely milk lines, all safe and checked for those nasty goat diseases and such.  I was going to go to auction and try and find one but Sarah convinced me to come take a look first at this little doeling before risking bringing an super unknown animal into my herd.  Good advice.

And of course, the rest is history.  Meet little Princess Buttercup.  She’s stinking adorable.


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Meet Princess Buttercup… — 5 Comments

    • She is! Just a bundle of fun. I know it will be a year before we can look for milk, but it’s okay, gives us time to grow her up good and all!