We’re back! Again…


As you might have noticed, we’ve been having a little internet trouble!

A whole like two months of internet trouble!

I am happy to report, I believe it’s over with, at least for awhile.

We have internet at the farm and it’s fast, done and seems to be doing just fine.

And it’s Hughes.net.  The upgrade to Gen4.

Yeah.  We sold out to the devilnet.

Let me explain…



I really wanted to ditch them and to go to a local provider.  I did.  I tried.  But there was just too much money involved in switching and a lot of lost time that we would have to pay for.

The “new” modem they sent was bad.  The tech came out and tried for hours to get it running, nothing.  He then got the OLD modem to work with swapped parts and said, there you go… and left.   It worked for about 6 days and died again.

I called, and I tried to get out of the contract.  But they said no go.  I stewed about it for a week…  but it’s how we make our living and our entertainment and all that jazz.  So I called back and started to negotiate.  And in the end, I think I got a pretty good deal and best of all, NO OUTTA POCKET CASH…

Wish I had bundles of cash that I could have used to get out of the contract and the new stuff, but alas, this time of the year, I do not.  And we were loosing money, time and adding a great deal of frustration without it here at the house, easy to use.  So…  I went with the Devil I knew, instead of the Devil I didn’t.  I signed up for their SUPER fast new Gen4 satellite service.



And here’s what I got.   The new service, free of the $200 installation fee.  6 months at $20 off.  Only one year agreement.  My last three months of the old contract knocked off.  Two months free.  And we got “emergency” hookup install and it’s all done.

I think it will just have to do for us right now.  And I have to admit, it’s WAY WAY faster and seems to be working really well.  I was able to upload these pictures like lickety split!  I might even be able to do video again!   Oh, and speaking of videos… we can actually watch them again!!!  We feel like we’re back in the modern world again.  All is good with the world.

And what does it all have to do with pictures of the goaties frolicking and goofing around?

Well, pretty much nothing.

I just thought they were darling.

It’s the first time I saw Rana and Rafeka playing!  I think they have finally accepted their new home and feel comfortable around us to be silly young goats!  They are almost a year old, so they are still young and silly.  I was doing chores and found them playing King of the Bench at the old ram shack paddock.  They were so funny, jumping back up and down and up and down on the bench and pushing each other off, doing that silly little goat rear up and head butt thing.

I was so happy! I didn’t want them to be afraid of us and the sheep and all that forever.  They are very timid creatures, these Angoras.  They are making me love goats again.  I guess I’m just a laid back goat person really.  Guess that’s why I like my sheep.  They are much more laid back then goats for the most part.

But I can’t help but smile when I see silly goatie antics.  This morning I went to let the dogs out and Rana and Rafeka were standing on the TOP of the wood pile!  They took a look at me and then each other and were quite surprised to see me.  They nonchalantly hopped off and went to see if they could cause trouble somewhere else.

I think I need to make them a goatie jungle gym setup, soon!

Well, I hope to get caught up on some posts here and I apologize for the quiet nature of the blog, but it was all I could do to keep up with work and clients and such…  sneaking around and borrowing everyone’s wifi here and there.  Felt very uncomfortable!  I know in the big city, it’s a lot easier, but out here, it always meant going out in the cold!  I so appreciate my neighbors for letting me camp out there on heavy work days!!!  And for the people of McDonalds for not calling the cops on me loitering in their parking lot or dining room…  haha….

But mostly, I’m just so happy to be able to do my work and keep up on things here, in the comfy of our own little house, in my nice little office, in my warm comfy jammies!!!  Priceless!!!



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We’re back! Again… — 3 Comments

    • Yeah, I don’t feel good about it, rewarding them for their crappy crappy customer service and all, but like I said, I just could not justify the cost of switching right now… :-( Got too many other things that I could spend $200+ bucks on! Like finishing up my back pasture fencing!!! And oh, of course a zillion other things… haha… but at least, so far, it’s so much better. We’ll just have to wait and see if it lasts a good month or so, I’ll be happier…