Our Christmas…

Merry Christmas from our flock to yours!

It’s been a weird few days!  On Thursday evening, we had a bad wind storm and lost our power for a few hours.   Silly me…  I was about to make a silly remark about the “end of the world” on Friday, on Facebook and Poof!  Out go the lights!!!   Talk about making you think twice about goofing around with prophecy!

Well, got that back on, and then we wake up on Friday, no internet.  Kind of did another double take about the whole end of the world thing… haha… it was kinda ironic.  Called in and of course, being lovely Hughes.net, it will be 5 to 7 WORKING days until they can get us new equipment, so I suspect we will be out for another week…  been coming over to the neighbors with the laptop to keep in touch a bit here and there.

Well, then this darn sickness has been getting me down and then I went and got the flu on Saturday!   Agh!  No fun…  FINALLY starting to feel better here this Christmas morning…

But we’re doing our best to just relax and enjoy the time off from hard work, and get healthier!  Finally the girls are over the most of their bad colds…  it’s just me!  (gg)  But I am blessed with such wonderful children and they are taking very good care of me!  I hope in a few more days to be feeling a lot better!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a lovely new Year!!!!   Don’t worry!  We’re still around, just might be a little on the distant side until we get the new sat equipment!!!  In the meanwhile, we’re getting ready for a big dump of snow!!!  They say between 4 inches and 12 inches!!!!   Oh my goodness!!!!

Leave a note and say hello!   Tell me how your holidays are going and if you got a pony from Santa!  haha…

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Our Christmas… — 9 Comments

  1. Didn’t get a pont, but was at the antique store picking up some more old LIfe magazines and happen to notice an old sewing machine box, open it up and it had an old belt driven table top model of a beautiful Singer inside and it said it worked and had a piece of material still in the needle where someone had been sewing with it. After reading all the good things y9ou said about your, I convined my husband that Santa needed to get me one more thing. lol It was only 22.95 so we loaded it up. It is probably alot older than yours and a lot harder to understand and I didn’t get any of the books or info. It has the old style bullet bobbin, had a good belt and it does sew like a charm. I will have to figure out how to rewind the bobbins and such, It will be nice to have something to mend my old quilts, horse blankies, coveralls and to make blue jean rugs on. I probably would have never bought it had I nnot read all the good wonderful things you brought to life about yours. So you see, you saved another one and it got a good appreciative home, looking forward to spending the winter in my sewing room upstairs and with my new little heater I got too, No more freezing up there. Merry Christmas and hope you got this bug thing behind you. Many blessings my friend, Chanda

    • Chanda..if you search online..maybe GOOGLE..you just might find a manual or something about your sewing machine. Look on your machine for numbers or model numbers..anything..and type it in. We had one of those..my mom did..hated that “bullet” bobbin.
      But..seriously..Im betting ..if you keep searching..you’ll find something! Good luck with that..happy for you and your new purchase :)

    • Oooh! So happy about your new old machine! I love mine… been sewing and sewing… forgot how fun it was… my old Sears is not bad but Betty just sews circles around her!!! Enjoy!!!!!!


  2. Merry Christmas ! I’m hoping this year is alot warmer for you..with that furnace..you have to tell us how that’s working out. Ive been without heat..and a furnace..even brokin pipes on year..no water for a week..even with a nice furnace..I’m betting you living out in the open like that..there still might be some drafts.

    KEEP WARM..and drink lots of Pepsi…that’s what I have in the frig to get me thru this Blizzard. It seems..the news reporters are quick to call storms blizzards..or worse than they are..I suppose for air time..who knows..they said..we was to get alot of snow last Friday..I was afraid of the drive..but..geeesss…nothing..lol..

    Be safe.
    Linda from Fremont, O.

  3. {{{{{{Hugs and belated Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year to come!!!!}}}}}}}}

    No bad weather here or snow. In a place that rarely ever sees snow now. I miss having a white xmas! We did hear lots of people in other states with power outages call into the radio thinking it really was the end of the world. You were smart and actually called to see why you lost connection! :)

  4. Sherri and Girls,

    Happy New Years to you and the flock(s) at Windhaven Farms :)

    Smiles from chilly NW Illinois

  5. Late Merry Christmas. Like you, my Christmas week ended in one disaster after another. First, three of my grandchildren came down with the flu, then my husband, then my mac crashed. Geeze. I spent the week tending to the sick and sewing ragdolls. Now I am the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro and my grandson is getting my old macbook that is getting a new hard drive. The good news, all of my granddaughters’ Easter basket stuffings are made: raggedy ann and andy dolls and little capes.

    If you are like me, you are happy to have the clutter of the holidays pass.