Beautiful candle thingy…

Isn’t that purdy?  I love that little ear Indian corn and I think this is just super nice…  it would look so beautiful on a Thanksgiving table!!!

Well, we have been really busy with our last couple super nice days of Fall…  it was 80 degrees today!!!  I could hardly believe it.  We are supposed to get to 77 tomorrow and then, well, that’s it.  For at least 10 days or more.  It’s going to drop into the high 40’s.  Yep, 40’s.

So we have been just super busy and I’m sorry to be away from the blog a bit, but we are just trying to rake in the last couple days of nice stuff before it’s WINTER.  Tomorrow afternoon/evening, we are going to be shooting the hogs and taking them to the processor.  It’s going to be a weird sort of good day.  I’m not really looking “forward” to their deaths, but I am looking forward to this part of the journey being done.  All the sudden, they have taken on a sort of weird distance, and perhaps it’s just me, but I sense they are restless and done with being nice piggies and are hogs now.  They fight with each other over food, they are loud and boisterous, and they are eating a ton!  They don’t even want to be petted much anymore and just seem, I don’t know, different.  Perhaps it’s my own feelings projecting onto their normal behavior, but none the less, it’s time and we’re ready for it.  I have a flurry of menfolk coming to help out, my wonderful neighbors, and then some of the share holders of the hogs, they want to be here too, to help, to insure that all goes well.  It’s a good bunch of people I hang out with, decent folk and I really like that a lot.  The pigs will get their last treat of a box of donuts and we’ll share a few homebrews after the fact.  It’s all good.

So, as soon as the cool weather hits, forecasted with rain on top of it all, I will have lots of pictures and stories and good stuff to share!  Stay tuned!!!   And wish us the best for a clean and easy end to our first summer of pigs!

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Beautiful candle thingy… — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sherri, I so appreciate the fact that you take such good care of all your animals (inside and out), but you know what their purpose is and treat them appropriately.

    Hope you get lots and lots and lots of good meals out of your piggy harvest!