A New Nestbox!

Well, look what I made!  A lovely three hen nest box!  All by myself!  Pretty nifty, if I don’t say so myself!

We needed a more formal nestbox in the little coop.  For whatever reason, the little goofs don’t like to lay in my lovely chest of door boxes, but roost in them.  We are just not getting very many eggs from that coop, and we should be, there are at least 10 hens in there that are old enough or old…  but are not laying.

I suspect it’s the recent addition of a lot of young pullets and such, but still, I wonder if it’s a lack of decent little nest boxes.  So, I raided our lumber pile and found two nice boards from an old garage sale desk that fell apart and a nice board I got for some project in the spring and never used!  Perfect!

And I cut all the wood and nailed it all together.  I tell you, the more you build stuff and work with tools, the easier it gets.

Maggie did help me hang it on the wall, because it was rather heavy and that first couple nails were a bit of a challenge.

But I think it’s pretty nifty.  I hope the ladies like it.  A couple pullets were very very interested in it right away.

Time will tell!

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