Been Busy…

Just a crazy bit of busy the last couple days.  Monday through Wednesday we were doing a bunch of errands and traveling about, racked up 360 miles on old Blue!  And then today was catch up day from being gone a bunch the last three days!

We pulled up last night after the busy trio of days and poor Cody saw us, raced across the middle to stand at the fence and whinny quite loudly at us!  He loves us…  he misses us!  That was really cool but still not worth the feeling of being away from our little place we love.

It tried to be rainy and stormy here today, but failed.  We got a little bit of rain here and there, but more like weird sprinkles where Mother Nature caught some underling turning on the rain and stopped it before it really had a good chance to soak in!  Agh!  Well, we have another good couple days with high storm percentages, so maybe, just maybe we’ll get another soaky day.

To help make it happen, we’ve asked our young man friend, Daniel, over tomorrow and we are going to start making heads and tails out of all the stray fencing that we’ve collected over the last two weeks.  We’ve got two different types of picket fence and a whole bunch of nice long slab wood pieces as well as some nice 2 x 6 x 12s that came out of the poultry barn demo…  I’m hoping that by the time we’re done, we’ll have maybe two new pasture areas for the flock!  That would be stinking delightful!  We’ll see how it goes!

And I figure, worse comes to worse, it will rain so much we have to stop and the youngins get to spend the afternoon playing video games and having a good time.

Win win situation if you ask me!!!

Everyone is feeling a little better about our double bunny passing….  thanks so much for all the kindness and sweet words about it…  It really does help.  Still a touchy subject and it hasn’t come up in conversation much, but I know it’s still a little raw, so we’re just giving it a little time and silent reflection.  It’s probably best.  Of course, we know that little animals just don’t have the life span we would like them to have and that even with the best of intentions, things happen and deaths occur, so it’s something you can’t just tear yourself up over.  But still, it’s sad.  And you gotta respect your feelings and let time heal things up.

Well, tomorrow should be an interesting day, one I hope is filled with a lot of toting stuff around, digging holes, hammers stuff, moving dirt around some and of course, hopefully PICTURES!!!  Haha…. I feel a little weird, haven’t really taken any pictures for awhile!  Sometimes it’s nice to just take a little break from routine and all.  Hopefully when you get back on the pony, stuff seems different!!!

We have our homesteading clan monthly swap this Sunday and I’m so looking forward to it!  It’s going to be at our neighbor’s down the road this month, a first!  Should be fun.  Miss Julia and I made some soap this afternoon and I’ll be bringing some of that to swap and hopefully some of my feed sack bags too!  And who knows what else!

Well, off to bed… the morning is coming early and I want to be ready for the big work day outside with all hands on deck!!!  Take care…  hope your weekend coming up is everything you want it to be!!!



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Been Busy… — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Sherri- yup, you ladies sure have been busy :) To do some more work on your fencing is really a great goal, because the more secure you are with the fencing, I’m sure the more secure you feel around the ol’ homestead with your lovely critters.

    How did you know we’ve been missin’ more pix? Get ta shootin’.

    Smiles from NW Illinois
    Suzanne @whycuzican