Rough Road at the Moment…





Don’t this road look rough and rocky
Don’t that sea look wide and deep
Don’t my baby look the sweetest
When she’s in my arms asleep

– Flatt and Scruggs….


Oh, I just can’t not think of that lovely bluegrass song by Flatt and Scruggs every time my road gets a little rough and rocky.  And buddy, it’s lumpy as all get out at the moment.  Just one of those weeks…  which hopefully will not become one of those fortnights or one of those months.  But it’s rearing up and looking like it might be a tough one. Nothing singularly dreadful, no one hurt, that kind of thing, but just the accumulation of a dozen little issues all colliding and making life tough.

If you know me, then you already know I’m not one to ask for help or to whine too much or burden folks with my own load.  I really try not to do that and I probably hide it pretty well when I’m worrying.  Getting the well fixed was awesome and all but it really did put a dent in our budget that started the whole ball rolling.  It’s amazing to me how you can be doing just fine but then one big dip in the road and suddenly you round the corner and it’s nothing put potholes, boulders and muddy patches!  Agh!  Makes you want to just stop and back up and consider another route!!!

I guess though, part of the reason I just don’t like sharing too much of my own issues is that EVERYONE has issues.  I really don’t know anyone that is super well off and never has a worry in the world.  You might be okay in the money department but then you have family issues or a kid acting up or an elder needing special care.  You might be dealing with mental health issues or a job you hate or some situation you don’t feel there is a way out of.  Heck, you just might think you’re fat or have concerns about a bump on your backside…  whatever it is, we all have issues and things in our pathway and well, I just don’t feel that mine are any more or less in the running for people to worry over.

Just feels like I’m in a race right now…  and there are hurdles to get over to get to the finish line.  On my plate right now are car repairs, farm needs, a couple bills, some tax issues, silliness over an overpayment of child support that ended with Maggie turning 18 and that I am SO happy was finalized and canceled per Steve… shesh…   (I get worried when I get official scary documents from the court saying pay up…)  some slow paying customers, normal monthly bills and an Opry that is ending in a few days.  (That’s not really financial, just disappointing and sad after 45 shows….)

Throw in two back to back band performances this weekend, a yard sale, starting a kid’s new business, normal work and getting my garden done and well, you have a big stress cocktail!

So far, so good.  Have made most of the hurdles, up and over, one day at a time.  Got a few big ones coming up tomorrow and the weekend, but I think I’ll make them.  No, I know I’ll make them.  I might get a skinned up knee and stumble a bit, but I have super kids, a great Dad, and friends that are on the sidelines cheering and offering a hand up to keep going.  Worse comes to worse, you might not hear from me a whole lot for the next couple days but I promised, I’ll be thinking about posts and hoping you don’t get too mad at me!  A few good thoughts and prayers would really be sweet and special.  And I know, come Tuesday, if I’ve made it through to the finish line, I’ll be one happy little camper for sure.

Heres wishing that everyone who’s in the SAME race with me is keeping up and pushing each other onward.  In my mind it’s not your time in this race, it’s just finishing that counts.  I don’t mind if I’m limping and the last one there, with one shoe missing and dirty palms from falling a time or two, but getting back up.  I just want to be there at the end and I will.  And so will you.  And everyone…  let’s getter’ done!!!!



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Rough Road at the Moment… — 6 Comments

  1. This is a quote from “God Calling”, by C.G. Rossetti:
    Does the road wind
    uphill all the way?
    Yes, to the very end.
    Will the journey take
    the whole long day?
    From morn to night, my friend.
    (The book is very encouraging and available on Amazon.)

    Sometimes the only way we can share each other’s burdens is by saying, “I know. I’ve been there. I understand, and I want you to know God cares about you.”


    • Aw…. that’s making me teary! So good! Yep, sometimes you just gotta pull up your big girl panties and trudge onward, learn from your mistakes and try hard to not repeat them. It’s getting better already, half the time its the point before the journey begins that is the most scary. Seeing the rough road ahead and thinking, how the heck am I going to get through this and yet, once you get going, and make a few hurdles and realize you’re a little stronger than you gave yourself credit for, that you can just put all those fears aside, trust God and go on… from morn to night!

      I’ll have to take a look for that book…. in a bit, once I get back on track! (gg)

      thanks…. HUGS!!!!


    • Oh I know… I am not alone in this race! It’s why I don’t like to whine too much about it, because I know it’s a race that everyone has to run. I’m glad I’m not one of those folk that has to try so hard to be first and finish big and flashy. I’m just happy to finish. I sure don’t want to give up. But it just might take me a little longer than some! haha…

      Hang in there, jump big and strong! Eventually you’ll see a bit of relief!!!




    Make and post a list of all the things you have overcome and accomplished in the last year or two. When you hit a dark patch, write down a big list to light your path again!

  3. Special thought and prayers for you this weekend my friend. Hoping all passes with a breeze and there is nothing but sunshine on the other side. I have been there so many times, I know what it is like and don’t ever worry about thinking it’s whining, it’s not whining at all. It’s so good to share feelings with others and it does help the worried heart out in some werid way.