Introducing… Signs By Maggie!


My youngest kid is officially hanging out her shingle!  Yep, she’s got her own little business starting and we are working out the bugs as to what she can offer, ordering supplies and learning how to do it all!  It’s been a super fun weekend so far…  some hard work and figuring, some silliness and cutting out lots of goofy little decals and some just trying to picture what she can do and not do at this time.

I’d like her to ease into her product offerings, and we have narrowed it down to a few categories.   Yard signs and other signs, car and truck lettering, custom wood cutouts in various sizes and fun stock decals.

She has her website up and running, just one page and informational, but, hey, it’s a website!  And we’ll be ordering her some business cards through my awesome contacts… Of course, I need to get that set up for her.  Probably tomorrow.  That and some order sheets for sign and decal designs.  She’s already cleaned and organized the studio more professionally, as she informed me.  And we have been pricing blank stock and ordering some vinyl to have on hand. We still need to flesh out pricing and the whole website, but hey, everything in due course.

I’m so proud of both my daughters…  Jessy for her very successful rock and mineral business and now, Maggie with her sign studio a well as her egg and chicken sales!  And I love how they help each other and support their ideas and dreams!

And the best part?  I get to help!!!

Yeah Team!



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Introducing… Signs By Maggie! — 3 Comments

  1. WTG Maggie!!!!! :) I wish you all the best luck in the world on your new adventure!! I hope you post some pics!!! :)

  2. I have been following your site for quite a while…Finally something I can comment on that I know a lot about! Here are my tips: If she does cars and trucks, never offer to take off old signage, send them to a detail shop for removal. Always clean the area on a vehicle with denatured alcohol to remove any wax. White vinyl on windows will be a big seller. Most of all have fun and don’t stress.

    • Thanks for the advice!!! Anything you wish to share about signmaking, please do! I used to do it about 20 years ago for a living but my oh my some stuff has changed for sure!!!

      We did sit down and discussed what I thought she should offer now and what could probably wait a bit. I totally agree… the tip about a detail shop for removal… yep! Don’t need to mess up a car door or something. She’s 18 and an adult now and I don’t want to limit her, but I think she agrees that we start out with some simpler stuff and build from there. Yard and sale signs… good and easy. Vehicle lettering and simple logo type installations….. Bob’s Cattle Farm and that kind of thing. No huge graphics or vehicle wraps or just huge stuff. Love the white vinyl decal/lettering biz… perfect and easy to get started in. She makes these lovely big plywood animal cutouts… super cute. And last but not least some fun stock decals and bumper stickers and such with animal slogans or homesteading… perhaps bluegrass! haha…. this way too she doesn’t have to sink a bunch of cash into materials and such. We can build nice and easy!!!

      I think it will be wonderful for her and she really seems to enjoy it so far. Thanks for the encouragement!!! Do you have a sign shop?