When you see five wonderful fellows all standing around a little hole in your yard, you rejoice, you sing high praises to the Lord, and then you pay a bunch of money and then you get to do the happy naked shower dance for JOY in your own BATHROOM….

YES!!!!! We have WATER!!! RUNNING WATER!!!! It’s so nice.


It is.

Very very very nice.

Now, I will say, that yes, it took us a long time to get to this point. And we did have help… Steve added to the financial side of the equation and our fantastic neighbors and their family provided the know-how and the parts at cost and the labor, totally totally low… It nearly made me cry how wonderful everyone has been to help out and make this happen. It’s so wonderful and such a sweet blessing. Summer is a low sales time for us, and while we’ve gotten by fine for day to day things, it’s just been hard to gather up so much money for one single need. The pump was actually bad and needed to be replaced. On the good side? It should last us years and years now! We shouldn’t have an issue with the well for a good decade or more! In fact, who knows how long that pump was down there working… years and years by the looks of it.

This was a huge hurdle in our pathway and with the help of family and friends, we cleared that baby, sailing over it without a tumble or a fall. Thank you everyone!!!!!

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WATER!!!!! — 3 Comments

  1. Congratulations! ( is that an appropriate salutation for getting a functioning well? LOL)
    What a wonderful luxury…running water. I’m very glad for you and your daughters. And you are truly blessed with wonderful friends and neighbors…but I have a feeling they feel the same way about you.


  2. Glad you got the new pump in. I grew up with a well and Mom just had to replace it about 3 years ago. The original one had been in there probably 30+ years.