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One of the best things about having a little farm and blogging and talking about it, is the encouragement that it gives to others.  Right now, our little farm is supplying eggs to about 12 families as well as our own, consistently.  Our pork has graced the table of 5 families.  Our home hatched chicks have now gone to over 6 families!   And now, we have been part of the reason that our friend Curtis and his family took on urban chickens!  Yep, another convert!!!

Curtis is a awesome bluegrass bass playing buddy, who helped us move and has just been a prince of a guy, in my book.  He even tried to get our old dead furnace going!  I know that if I ever had a serious need, I could ask Curtis and he’d do his best to help.  That’s a good friend.  And his family is just as nice!!!  So when he emailed me and said they were ready and he was building a coop, and did we have three hens that they could start with, I sure said yes!!!

So on Tuesday, we loaded up Blue with three lovely ladies.   Miss Elizabeth, the white sussex above…  Dizzy, one of our Cuckoo Marans and one of the unnamed Amerucanas.   I wanted to make sure that they started with three distinct egg layers…  Lizzy, she lays a very very pale brown egg, Dizzy, a dark Marans egg and then the Amerucana, a beautiful blue-green egg.  Partially so that they would know who was laying and who was not and that kind of thing.  Thankfully, all are laying!  (Got the report earlier this week!)

I had gotten reports and pictures through the last couple weeks as they worked on their coop.  It is housed in an old garden shed, and very nicely constructed.  Nothing super expensive, just nicely thought out.  Curtis is a bird fancier and has had parrots so I knew that he would do a great job.  I love that he repurposed some old dresser drawers into nest boxes!  These are spoiled chickens… each of them has their own next box!  He also made a lovely outside run for them, with a great little rope and track door that can be opened and latched shut at night to keep them safe!

With those corner posts, ain’t nothing gonna mess with their birds!  Love the little picket fence gate!  He has plans already to expand the run out behind his garage and to also let them have a little free range time when the family is home and can keep an eye on them.  I expect these trio of peeps are going to be some super spoiled little birds!!!  It was awesome, they had friends and family over to visit and see the new family members.  I love it.  Chickens are really neat pets and they feed you too!  They were so excited with the first two eggs laid the very next morning!  I warned them, sometimes hens can get their feathers in a knot when you move them or make big changes, but our little girls were troopers!  We made sure all came from the same flock so they would be comfy with each other and avoid too much pecking re-order!

What a great thing… to share the love of chickens with friends!!!  Chickens really are super cool…. we just love them!



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