Baby Bunny Report

This Saturday will be the two week mark! I can’t believe it.. they are growing so fast! This picture is from about 5 days ago… they were still a little teeny weeny and a bit pinkish…

Everyone warned about handling them. She’ll eat them, it’s bad and so on. Yet all our rabbit books and Angora websites and such recommend that you DO handle them. Within reason. So we have adopted the middle ground. When they were first born, we really didn’t do much, just peeked in on them and did a head count each day when we gave Gwennie some treats and attention. After the first week, Jessy has been doing a little more handling, touching and talking to them, as Gwen permits. A little bit of holding and stroking. All the books and breeders seem to think that this young handling helps to socialize the young buns to people. We always keep an eye on Gwen and her feelings towards it. She’s really been super calm and totally chilled about the babies. She watches, but she’s never shown any distress over it. She loves Jessy, so that helps. And of course, the treats at baby touching time make it just fine with her.

(And not too many treats… haha… you always have to be so careful sometimes with blogs… if you sound like you’re giving her tons of treats, someone will object… she’s just getting a little nibble of this or that, what she might normally get, but it’s at baby time, so we’re hoping that she makes the connection that it’s just fine and dandy for Jess to check on the litter.)

Now this picture was taken on Wednesday! Holy cow! They are getting huge! This gray one always pees on me! At least we know that she/he is getting good milk from mom! She pees for like a whole minute! haha…

What a crazy little poser! NO! Don’t take my picture!!! I love their little bunny teeth… teeny little buck teeth!

This one is very sweet. They are just starting to open their eyes! Another day or two and I think they will be hopping all over the nest box! They are so cute.

Jessy is dying to know if they are little boys or little girls, but it’s hard to tell. Everything says that it really takes about 3 weeks or so for you to know for certain. She’s got their fancy names to pick out and she’s excited about it. Even though Gwen has no pedigree, their daddy does, so we will issue a pedigree for these babies. It will be a little lopsided, but hey, half is better than none. We expect these lovely little babies to be fiber pets. Our plans are to keep one or two and offer the others for sale. We shall see how it all goes. We are working on a farm website… with all the things available and the sheep and chickens and eggs and all that. Should be fun!!!

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Baby Bunny Report — 3 Comments

    • Oh yes, it’s cute animal overload here!!! How’s the moving and all coming along? Still going to make the move up here???

  1. It is still the plan. Looks like we’ll have news in the next two weeks. stay tuned. I’m so excited. Right now I’m getting things in order and unloading LOTS of stuff on craigslist so the move will be easier. If I can make my home half as efficient as yours I’ll be happy.