Sorry…. false alarm!

No ice. No snow. Hardly any rain.

Yeah, we dodged the bullet for certain. Not that we mind, no no, not at all!

When we get ice, we get umpteen thousand branches falling down! Apparently we still need to do some major tree trimming around the homestead!

So all is good, calm, tolerably warm at 50 degrees and MUDDY. M U D D Y! We kept Cody and the sheep stalled up yesterday just so they wouldn’t totally destroy the yard with their little sharp hoofies. They didn’t mind. They got to stay in their jammies and had treats brought to them in bed. Might be able to let them out for a wee bit today, will see how the puddles look.

Nice thing is that the week ahead looks FABULOUS!!!

Saturday… Maggie and I are going to the Hillsdale Livestock Auction to sell our banties and hopefully get her first batch of turkey poults! Can’t wait… should be fun. We haven’t been there since last fall! Will be sure to take pictures and such!

About to go to town… kids are going up north to visit family, I have errands to do and we’re bringing in several dozen eggs for customers… having a sale… 2 dozen for $3! We have about 22 dozen eggs at the moment! The chickies have been super busy the last week!!!

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