Hand Carding…

This is the best video I’ve seen so far. It really helped me with my carding. I carded a lump of wool this morning and it was SOOOO much easier than yesterday, and I got 2 yards of really nice consistent yarn out of just one rolag! (As compared to the first day at this, where 5 rolags got me 5 yards of very lumpy thick and weird yarn!)

I also ordered a pound of raw wool off ebay… Wow, I can’t believe the prices for full fleeces on there, like $50 to $70 bucks each. I guess it makes sense, a fleece takes a whole year to grow. They yield about 6 to 10 pounds of wool and that’s a lot of yarn. I know I suppose that I could shear a bit off my sheepies, but they are still growing it and it’s cold and they need their wool right now. I can wait for later, when they get their spring haircuts. But right now, I’d just like to practice and get a little learning under my belt, first!

I think I need to find a fiber mentor in my area, so I can really learn more and fast!!! Hmmm…..

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Hand Carding… — 1 Comment

  1. That is an excellent idea. By the time the sheep crew gets their first sheering you’ll already be experienced. You’re so smart. Way to think outside the flocks! lol bad one Kerry 😀