Much better today!

Unlike yesterday, I actually got to make us breakfast!  We were so busy with the storm and the flood and getting animals safe, we forgot to have breakfast and didn’t get anything till lunch time!  Which was okay, because the critters come first at the homestead, especially when they are in  rough spot.  Just the way we are.

But it was nice to get up and see that the water was receding and that it was nice and bright and sunny outside!  We had about an inch of snow on the ground, instead of the 3 to 5 that was predicted and the waters were draining…  I love my new birthday griddle!  We are mastering pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches for sure!  I think I need to learn a few other things to make on it…  going to try sausage patties for breakfast tomorrow and of course… eggs!  Our girls are finally starting to lay a lot more and we actually are starting to have a little stockpile so it’s eggs for breakfast again!  Yeah!

After we got a little fuel and our chores done, the girls went out to play!  Haha.. yeah, teenagers on a snow day!  Jessy took her camera out and Maggie went out with her new boots and explored all the flooded areas with Ratchet.  I went out for a little while, but my feet were TOO cold in just two pairs of socks and rubber boots!  Here are some of the shots of the day!  I think we doing just fine now!  Hopefully by this weekend we will be painting our living room and going carpet shopping!!!

One of the funny things was the lambs and their first snow!  At first we weren’t sure what was up with them.. we brought them out and the babies started to walk funny and bleat like something was really wrong.  And then we realized that they had never seen snow!  Fergus tried to lick it and was all silly at it and Molly and Angus were walking like they thought they would get frostbite or something!  But after a few minutes they got over it and started to frolic and play in the new white stuff!  It was fun to watch!

Can’t wait for the weekend!  Hopefully the land will be dried up and we’ll have a painted room and maybe even carpet in the horizon!



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Much better today! — 6 Comments

  1. Love the griddle ..I had one like it! It was can cook a whole meal on it.

    Loving the pictures..he looks really strong, stocky, and I’m impressed with all the fencing. In fact everything you’ve done looks great. Cant wait to see the finished room. I dry walled a few rooms myself..and I have to say..NEVER the ceiling..I had to rent one of those lifts, that stuff gets heavy!

    I know awhile back you lost your beautiful sheep, I was sorry to hear that. I’m a little concerned tho..and please..don’t take this strong as Cody is..he cant push over the fencing near the road and get out??! Sure hope horrible that would be..we had a Shetland pony that was always getting into trouble.

    I hope soon everything drys time you’ll be prepared!

    Take care ~ Linda H.

    • Hi!

      Thanks for your concern, but so far, Cody has been totally respectful of the fences and never pushes or tries to mess with the fences. Plus when the goats were wrecking a lot of the fencing, we had to replace many of the posts and areas that were weak. There’s always a chance I suppose that he could mess with some area, but right now, he’s so content with all his domain, he seems really happy where he is. We keep working on improving our fencing, and double fencing areas. Right now, there is only about 50 foot of frontage that is only single fenced. And we’re hopefully going to change that by the spring!

      I think we are so lucky, we got a sweet and wonderful pony, so many people have stories of ornery or tricky little ponies but Cody is just a real doll baby!

      Thanks so much for being concerned! I sure don’t want to go through loosing any more critters!


  2. I would suggest getting some foot warmer insoles for your boots. They make a world of difference.

    Everything look great. I love how gentle and loving Cody is. He has certainly adopted your family as his own.

    • Can you use them over and over? I thought about them but then thought, oh, they are one time deals… hmmm…. my heat sure do get cold easier now that I’m older! haha…. no fair!

      Oh yes, Coday has become so much a part of our family as we have become part of his! We just luv his little grumpy man act!



  3. LOVE your pictures. Isn’t it wonderful how beautiful the sun makes everything look?
    Your chickens are so cute, huddling together in the doorway. And I really like the pictures of Maggie walking through the gate, and Jessy hugging Cody. Oh, never mind…I like them all!

    • These are all from Jessy! The pictures… and that silly dressed woman is me! With Cody! Hee hee… she is the true photographer. I try, but I think she has the best eye and I always beg her to take more beautiful pictures!!!

      Yes, the sun makes ALL the difference for sure!!!!

      :-) Sherri