Jessy’s Awesome HDR Photos of the Farm in Fall

I just adore when Jessy makes some HDR of the farm… they are so stunning and stark in their contrast. These turned out so beautiful! I’m trying to convince her to make a calendar of the farm for 2012 to sell, I think it would be beautiful!!! I would buy a dozen! (haha… but then, well, I’m her Mom.)

But still, some of these shots are just so beautiful! I just can not believe this is our backyard!!!!

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Jessy’s Awesome HDR Photos of the Farm in Fall — 5 Comments

  1. I love HDR shots. I’m not surprised you discovered the technique. Those pictures are beautiful. Ok you had some tough choices this week but I think part of being successful is knowing your limitations and you did a stellar job placing those pets. You set a wonderful example for your girls by showing the right way to deal with forks in the road. Also, the goats demolition lifestyle was threatening your simple life and you had no choice but to preserve it. I have heard similar stories too. Goats are a dream of mine but they are eating machines. Sorry about your sheep. I’m certain someone took them in finders keepers style.
    Zach went to Los Angeles today because I still have projects around Grey Gardens here. Today’s chore. Finishing my bathroom floor, cleaning then enjoying tea in front of my faux fireplace. It’s the little things.

  2. I missed these the first time around I guess. Simply stunning. Hope your doing well and feeling better and staying cool. That’s a hard thing to do here. So hot and dry and still no rain for over 2 and 1/2 months now. Really in crisis mode with the hay situation adn animals here. Trying to put fans on everyone and making them stay in the shade is about all I can do …..and pray.

    Love the photos, the calendar is a great idea. I would love to just make one for here with our animals, may work on that. lol