Day 4 Rain… Tomorrow… More Rain…

Ever have one of those days that you wake up and it’s not quite right and you know it, but still, you get outta bed and try and get the day started and pretty quickly, you decide, it might just be better to get back in bed?

Well, that was my today.

Of course, my day started off on the totally wrong foot when Luna decided that I was not appreciative of her little dead mousie treats at the door in the mudroom and proceeded to bring me Mousie in Bed.

Yes, she loves me. And yes, it totally freaked me out!!! Ugh!

And things just got worse from there!

It’s been raining now for 4 days straight and there are big standing puddles in the middle yard and the sump pump has been coming on a lot. Which is good, but well, also sort of bad. All the animals are soaked… and staying in their shelters, except for Cody. He let himself out this morning and I guess he was just super bored with being in his barn. I have let him out here and there, when there was little breaks in the action, and usually, he would retreat to his barn when it started to really rain, but today? No way. He defied the cold and the rain just like his little grandsires did out on the Shetland Isles… his head to the wind, getting soaked, cropping the lovely green grass and shaking his little pony hoof at the weather gods in defiance!

Not Defiance, Ohio….. hahaha…

And then when it came time to get him in for good, it got dark on me fast and so I was drying him up in the dark and he was not too interested in me fussing with him like some girly pony. Instead he just took his dirty, muddy, wet little stallion butt over and rolled in his hay bed in the corner and then grunted a big sigh of contentment and told me I could leave. Which I did.

The goats have been huddled in their shed for 4 days now, just sticking their heads out and well, pretty much adding a lot of dramatic baaaas to their sorry plight. Of course, they are able to come out, if they wanted to, but they pretty much didn’t want to. Sheep didn’t care, that’s a sheep thing, and the chickens all stayed in the barn for the most part, just laying eggs. We’ve had record numbers of eggs each day! I guess when you don’t feel like wandering the farm in the rain, you just sit and lay eggs. Pretty cool.

I found that picture up there while searching around for pinto Shetlands and then I realized… oh my gosh… I had that Breyer Shetland pony!!!! And he looks like my REAL pony!!! How cool is that?

Well, because it was just dreadful out, and my day just was filled with a bunch of discouraging work stuff… not worth bellyaching over, I could feel a bit of a breakdown, a shut down of sorts coming on. My bed was calling me and I thought, maybe I should just go and wallow in my self pity. Just for a while. You know, I deserve it. But there was just something that said, sure… go ahead, waste some perfectly good work time and feel sorry for myself, OR… just go and get started on some cards and pretend the day is fine, so that when the nicer weather returns… I’ll be ready to enjoy it, outside, on the farm, instead of cooped up and doing computer work!!!

So I did. Got started. It was rough. And slow, and felt like swimming in neck high jell-o… you know, a LOT of activity and very little forward momentum. But I just kept at it. And slowly, and surely, I just turned the day around to… tolerable. Naw, it wasn’t great, but in the end, it wasn’t THAT bad either. After dinner, I took a little time and watched the Disney flick, Tangled. That was pretty good. LOVED the horse Max! Oh my gosh… that was hilarious. Made my day.

So… that was Thursday. Rainy, wet, cold and pretty much day 4 of the blahs! We’ve got ONE more to get through and then a week of sunshine and 70’s!!! Perfect weather for our trip on Sunday and some drying out time and time to get a few more projects done outside! I know winter is creeping around the doorstep, but it would sure be swell to have an Indian October this year… yeah… the whole month, just beautiful autumn weather. Wouldn’t that be wonderful???

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