Guess who’s coming to the farm???

We have found a beautiful little French angora buck and he’s about two hours drive away, and he’s just under 3 months old. And he’s pedigreed and registrable… He’ll be our foundation sire of our French lines… Isn’t he beautiful?

I believe on Sunday, we are taking a drive up to see him and hopefully bring him home! Going to stop in Lansing, and see the sites and all too! A family mini-vacation!!! Photo shoot too! Should be fun.

So exciting! We’ve been looking for the right boy for awhile now, and it’s been really hard to find the right fellow. But I think this little guy is just perfect. Love his broken black coloring… won’t he make pretty fiber???

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Guess who’s coming to the farm??? — 2 Comments

  1. That sounds like fun! First the trip, then the wool…(?) is that right? You’ll raise rabbits for the angora wool? Will you be spinning this yourselves? My curiosity is peaked!!

    Have a safe trip!


    • Yes, the plan is to raise them for wool, and for bunnies to sell. You can use Angora wool as a mix in with sheep wool, as it is a little delicate to use 100%. We have 4 Angoras already, but not a good plan for starting to breed. We have one buck, Odin, but he’s still not really recovered nicely from when we first got him. And he’s an English Angora… and we’d really like to work more with the French angoras… and our other English is his daughter! Oh, the complications and all! I should write up a little post about our rabbit plans…