Still Alive… Just Working…

Just checking in before I hit the sack… we’ve gotten a little behind in orders due to a supplier having a warehouse fire and just finally getting back online and on track. So, we’re all fine, just busy little beavers, working diligently to get caught up.

Not a lot has been happening.. it’s cold and rainy out. The goats really don’t want to come out of their goat shed, they just lay around and eat hay. Cody will come out for awhile, but then he’s like, naw…. and goes back in his spacious pony barn to lounge about and chew hay. Everyone is just kind of snoozing a bit, keeping dry and staying inside. I guess we’re supposed to have some nicer, clear weather towards the end of the week, so that will be wonderful. I’d really like to get the bunny hutch totally finished and the area for the corn stove ready for the final install. Those are goals for the end of the week.

But, in the meanwhile, we are working hard to get all the orders out the door so we can relax a bit and enjoy this nice fall weather that is creeping in. For the most part, the days are just lovely… warm enough during the day that you can be out without a coat but just chilly enough that your blankets feel extra special warm when you cuddle up with a good book.

We have had all our chicks hatch that I think will hatch… 9 little beautiful Bucka Roo babies are here! They are settling in so nicely with Petunia and Daffodil and Quincy and Queenie, the quails. It’s a little crowded, but actually, everyone cuddles up in a big chick pile in the evening and they all keep each warm and content. It’s super cute. I’ll try and take some pictures tomorrow of everyone.

I found a couple that is raising a bunch of chickens, but most importantly, Black Copper Marans!!! And they are relatively local and have some hatching next week. I so hope that I can get a handful of them to add to my homegrown bunch. My Black Copper Marans hunt has been going on now for nearly 4 months! Every time I think I’m close, I loose out. Oh well! Sooooon!

Well, I am tuckered out and it’s been a good solid, successful day, and I think it’s time to catch a little snooze. Hope everyone is getting ready for the fall and winter because it’s coming!!!!

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