Guest Post… Big is out… Small’s back in

Big is out, Small’s back in

For the longest time, the housing market has been very competitive, with the negative connotation that smaller homes were of less importance. In today’s market, both economic and environmental factors point in the completely opposite direction.

Form an environmentalist standpoint; buying a smaller home translates to an improved carbon footprint because the inhabitants are ultimately consuming less of everything. Economically, this means cheaper utility bills and more money in the pocket. Not to mention, small spaces are much quicker and easier to clean.

For families, this may not always be the best possible solution, but there are modular style homes that can still accommodate a four-person family. For instance, the Prairie View, named after the early 50’s style kit homes by Excel Homes, is a modular home with plenty of room and all the green certification one could need. These homes are no more than 100,000 dollars, and can sit up to two stories high with up to two bedrooms and two baths. This is ideal for a small family or group.

In a way, housing can be compared to clothing, in that if you hold on to a pair of garments long enough, it just may come back in style. True to the market today, smaller homes are gradually becoming more desirable, as are automobiles. And like a smaller hybrid car, these homes still have all the same amenities. Yet people still ask, what about design?

Well there’s a simple answer to this, and it’s that these smaller homes are still fashionable inside and out if set up properly. And as a bonus, it’s much cheaper to decorate a smaller living space. Most of these pre-built modular homes are in fact designed quite elegantly, with a split-level pattern type kitchen terrace that overlooks a spending hardwood living room with large open windows.

For the pessimists and non-believers, the above are amongst a small handful of reasons why anybody nowadays should go after a small home. For the frugally sound and environmentally friendly, these are mere facts.

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman, New York City Rentals.

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Guest Post… Big is out… Small’s back in — 2 Comments

  1. Lots of people going to small houses.
    I’ve always considered our house to be big, considering I grew up in a home with less than 1,000 sq ft. The house that the husband and I owned prior to our current home was also less than 1,000 or right at it.
    We live in about 1,300 sq. ft. and I’m told that is small~
    Tiny House, small house , big house– I guess it all relative! LOL…
    been reading more about the tiny house movement, enjoyed this article.

    have a great weekend, Pat