2011 Winner of “Weeds Have Feelings Too” village contest…

Yeah, yeah… okay. My plan did not work. Nothing much of value grew out of the bare dirt that the foreclosure realty company hacked everything down to. I thought maybe. I was hopeful. And then it got too hot. And then it rained. And we were busy in the back.

Yeah, we’re starting in on it tomorrow. I’ve hired teens to do battle with it all. We will see what happens….

You must admit, we have nice soil… those are some very healthy weeds! haha…. ahem.

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2011 Winner of “Weeds Have Feelings Too” village contest… — 3 Comments

  1. The same thing happened to me..Ive only been here a year..and I was unsure about what kind of perennials I had. So ..I let everything grow. This year…there was they beautiful extremely tall..(flowers???) ..and Ive been babying them all summer. HUGE I TELL YOU..I left some pictures on Jan’s Facebook..right now they are up to 6 ft tall..and the foliage is beautiful. I was told (sigh)…they are weeds..Golden Rod…but..I have them everywhere..and even tho the research I found is that they spread rapidly..and they are hard to control..I couldn’t bring myself to cut them down. I’m told soon they well flower into beautiful yellow flowers, and the foliage a golden color. I’m waiting to see the final production before I permanently cut them down. Our “foreclosed” property in Maumee..seems the previous people kinda dug up all the neat stuff.

    Just wanted you to know..you’re not alone..lol..even so..you have enough beauty surrounding that house..po..you don’t NEED flowers out there..good try tho..good try. Let me know if your interested in some “Golden Rod” ..lol..I have plenty.

  2. PS.. we want some new kitty pictures ! ALSO..your chickens..the “nuggets”..those things are spooky looking. They have huge feet…a long pointy peak..and an “attitude”..lol..I wont feel guilty eating chicken in the future that’s for sure.

    Buck a Roos girls are gorgeous tho..as so is he. What a difference.