Jessy’s in Her ROOM!!!

I can’t believe it, but it’s true! Jessy has officially moved into her own room! After a bazillion hours of scraping and cleaning and removing old carpet and pad and all that stuff… the kid is FINALLY in her own little gal cave! We are so happy for her. She was camping with Maggie for almost 5 weeks… Not that they minded, they have been sharing a room for like ever, they do like it that way, but still… she has finally finished!

Well, finished the prep and painting and all. She still has stuff to arrange and decorate, needs drapes and she’s going shopping for her “big girl bed” this weekend with her Dad. She’s going to buy a real bedroom set, a nice new queen sized bed and all, hopefully a nice dresser. She’s never really had that.

Evee helps to supervise the painting of HER room. The dog has granted Jessy the privilege of sharing it with her. Haha… Well, her room has definitely been the most challenging, and the most expensive of the bedrooms for certain. Over 6 gallons of the texturizing primer, 3 gallons of regular primer, a gallon of trim and a gallon of her fancy decorative color paint. The flooring we brought from their old room at the Moby, which was nearly only 6 months old and fit really nicely in the finished room.

Here’s the first real wall with PAINT on it… though it’s not the final color. She used up some of our fancy mistints to act as expensive primer, and at $5 a gallon, it was much nicer than the $38 dollars for the fancy primer. And it’s nearly the color she wanted, so it worked out nicely.

She wanted to get it done in time for the visit of some of our oldest friends! We’ve know Donna and Brian for ever! Heck since our kids were little babies! God brought us together as young mothers in a strange town in Michigan, in apartments across the street from each other. They were trying out a new job in the fancy city, having moved from a 300 acre family dairy farm in upper lower Michigan, and we had just moved back from San Diego after being in the Navy! We had so much fun those times and though we went our seperate ways… them back to the farm and us to the Toledo Ohio area… we have stayed in touch and visited and talk on the phone and computers all the time.

We forgot to take pictures of the visit… haha… silly us. Well, we shot like two. We were so busy visiting!!! They were passing through and only had a little time to visit, but that was just fine. We were SO excited for them to see Windhaven and all that we’ve done and all the dreams we have! I think they liked the place! And we found out that we live pretty much on the same highway, just oh 200 miles apart!!! So it will be easy to go visiting back and forth and it’s definitely something we will plan soon!!!

Well, now she’s busy fixing it all up and getting it all organized how she likes it. Our storage room is slowly getting more and more empty as the days go on. Once I get my office done, that will help as well! There’s no real rush, but I do admit, I’m missing some of my stuff.

Once she gets it all done, I’ll take a few shots and update the world. I’m just so happy that she’s finally in her room. And of course, now Maggie has more space in her little evil lair upstairs, which she has been busy rearranging and fixing too! A lot of activity going on here at the ranch… it’s part of the reason we’ve been a little quiet the last couple days… getting things ready for our friends to visit, a festival gig for me, and just trying to get a few things done after the awful month of May and it’s wonky weather!!! Of course, it’s like 96 degrees today, but we’ve got the place comfortable with a few well placed air conditioners! So we’ve been working inside for a while too!

More posts to come!!!

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Jessy’s in Her ROOM!!! — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Sherri…I got a kick out of your amusing and affectionate chicken stories, but it’s great to hear about the progress you and the girls are making. Isn’t it fun to share your adventure with close friends? I’ll bet they’re just thrilled for you.
    I am glad to read you’ve got air conditioners…what a blessing!
    I figured you were really busy when we hadn’t ‘heard’ from you for a couple days.
    A big, big thumbs up to Jessie for doing a fantastic job on her room. I love that she cares enough to go through all the prep work. It’s all the ‘invisible’ stuff that ends up making it a real quality job in the end. And way to go to Maggie, too. I hope she’s loving her new space.

    hugs to all of you…and thanks for continuing to share. dove