Things take time…

We had a drop in visitor today at Windhaven.  My buddy, Curtis, stopped by for a little chat.  He just had to.  After all, he was riding by the place on his beautiful Harley, out for a little spin to check out a couple campgrounds in the area.  He said it wouldn’t be right to not stop by at the farm!  I just love that so many of my friends call it “the farm” as if they have a little vested part in the whole thing too!  I love that.  I want people to feel they can come out and visit us anytime they want.  I hope to share with them the fruits of our bounty, the eggs and veggies and cookouts and play space for their kids.  Nothing would make us happier!

But as we walked around with the grand tour and I was feeling a little, well, worried that things hadn’t proceeded fast enough.  I know it’s really only been a full month since we have lived here, but it seems like much longer.  We enjoy every day like its 36 hours or 48 hours long!  It’s wonderful.  Still…  I notice things that I want to get done or changed and such and I forget the fact that the last month has been RAINING and COLD so much so than EVER in the history of the place…  and that we still have to work and such, but, well it’s easy to forget all that and just think about what you WANT to have done.

I was just about to start apologizing and Curtis turns to me and say… “I can’t believe how far you ladies have gotten in just a month!”  And then I just smiled and relaxed a bit…  he’s right.  Things take time.  He said we’ll still be working on things in a year, but that it’s really shaping up nicely!  The last time he was out, what back in early March when he was trying to help with the furnace and some of the bad limbs and such that were down.  I believe he was impressed and could see our plans and future desires of our much beloved little farmstead.

Of course, the chickens were friendly and delightful, and Curtis is a bird man, he has a pair of parrots and can appreciate how birds are just, well, interesting.  He got to feed the girls and Bucka, too and Eleanor let me pick her up like a little baby and get petted and all.  It was fun.  I’m glad they were on their best behavior.

After he left, I did some thinking as I worked on some stuff for clients.  Things do take time.  It took us almost a good year to get the Moby into a nice comfy state where we didn’t feel the need to apologize for bare floors and things in process.  How can I compare a 3 acre homestead in dire need of attention to a single wide mobile home!  My gosh, just the mowing alone is a full time job.  Maggie and I have been at it nearly every day.  We’re keeping up, but still, it’s a lot of work.  And time.

We have some very dear friends coming in on Sunday for a few hours on their way through Toledo and of course, I’d love the place to be further along.  But it’s okay, they live on a farm and they know that things take time.  I just hope they will see all the potential and our enthusiasm for the place.  I’m sure they will.   Of course that doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels!  Haha… no way!   Maggie is out tackling the garden area and the side of the poultry barn with the mower and Jessy is getting the last bucket of texture primer on her walls in her room.  I’ve been working on the kitchen, scrapping the windows from the sloppy paint job that I did… haha…  and just putting away clutter and cleaning up.  We have 2 and half days!  Our goal is to have Jessy’s room pretty much together so at least the kid can start sleeping in there… and the house in a nice tidy state.

And God willing… the place all mowed!!!

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Things take time… — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, things do take time. Don’t be discouraged. What you and your girls have done in just a month is amazing. We’ve been on our place for 29 yrs. and work on it every day. It’s never really finished, but, in my opinion, that’s part of the fun.