We Miss Eddy!!!!


Can you believe it? We miss our piggy boy already! He is our little work companion and likes to watch us when we work late…

We got a call last night around 11 PM… one of our customers needed 130 more rock kits for a kid’s program this Sunday, out in Maryland and they had to ship in the morning… so we were up till 3:30 am and got most of it done… we need to visit our rock friend locally, Ed, and get one more specimen before dashing off to FedEx this morning… whew!

But we all mentioned how we missed Edward and his curious nature and companionship! I’m sure he’s being very much pampered!!!

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We Miss Eddy!!!! — 1 Comment

  1. Well, I’m glad for your order…moving is expensive, isn’t it? But pulling an all nighter right in the middle, wow!

    Eddy is very, very cute.

    Can you (almost) see the finish line from ‘here’? Or, maybe it would help to tell yourself you’re ‘over the hump’?

    Anyway…you and the girls have done fantastic, you really have.

    You might wanna think about resting just a tad once you get there?