Dog Tired…

We are dog tired. Exhausted is more like it. We’ve been doing two trips a day and moving a lot of the heavy furniture. Today was a crazy day for SURE. I had to drive Gunnar to the farm, at a top speed of 27 miles an hour. Now I know what it feels like to be Amish, traveling in a buggy. I got to see a LOT of the countryside! It wasn’t terrible at all, and I brought a frozen lemonade and an emergency donut in case I got stranded. (A cell phone as well.. hahaha) And we strapped a couple bikes to the top so that it would look like I needed to be going so slow. Camouflage, you know.

Steve, the wonder Ex, came over early and we packed up Gunnar with some bulky but light stuff, I grabbed my emergency supplies and off I went. He stay with the girls to load up the freezer and as much stuff as possible from the shed. The idea was that they would come a bit later, with Blue, loaded and that maybe I would arrive around the same time as they would, we would leave Gunnar as a lawn ornament for awhile and then all come back in Blue. Funny thing, I beat them to the farm by like 3 or 4 minutes!!! haha.. 37 miles. My buddy Rob was my texting buddy, cheering us on as each mile creeped by. We encountered VERY little traffic and only got passed about oh 15 times. Haha. Of course, being the studmuffin SHO engined speed demon that is WAS, Gunnar was mildly disgruntled and annoyed. But he managed to get me there safely and now, will be sitting for awhile until I figure out how to get him to my friend Larry down in Akron who has graciously offered to rebuild him once again, only correctly. Sigh. What a tangled car relationship I am in with this beast.

Well, I have come to this simple statement of fact.

Clearly, even when you think you don’t have a lot of stuff, you DO have a lot of stuff, and it takes a LONG time to move all the stuff you don’t think you have and until all your stuff has to be moved and then you will realize… oh my gosh, we have a lot of stuff!!!!!!!!!

I never thought we would have so much stuff crammed into a 800 square foot moby.

I do believe we are related in some way to chipmunks. Or perhaps packrats. Or depression era grandparents.

Shesh. And we still have more. We’ve made now 19 trips with the station wagons and one van load and three truck loads.

I realized that for the most part, we were going back and forth, so it was a savings for certain, but it’s just getting to be a weary proposition and one that I do see an end to… there… somewhere… Hopefully, Friday. That’s the plan at least.

Tomorrow is going to be a load of miscellanies with a good dash of dug up trees, bushes and beloved plants. I really want to make sure I get my rootstock out to the farm. Especially my irises. And hostas. And of course, trees. Oh yeah and my raised beds. And of course all our rocks and pavers. haha… shesh.

Edward, the guinea pig, went to vacation today with our friend Shelly. She loves piggies and when her beloved Toffee passed away a few years ago, has no one to feed strawberries to. Since Eddy is a little delicate when it comes to colder weather and drafts, we asked nicely and she eagerly accepted to give Edward a deluxe piggy vacation for a week or so until the weather is nice and consistant. I do believe he will not want to leave her pampering piggie hotel and will be a little annoyed to leave! But it’s so nice to have a good place for him to hang out for a wee bit. The gerbils will be fine, they are little desert critters and have a lovely warm nest and each other to snuggle with. So do the ferrets.

All the livestock is coming over on Friday. Should be interesting. Dixie Chicky the spooky kitty will probably be traumatized and need extensive Jessy therapy for about 6 weeks. Luna, of course, will be freaked for a few hours and then start sectioning off her domain quickly. We’re taking Jack with us as well, even though he’s kind of a half ours kitty and is a park roamer. He still comes in most every night and we feed him and all, so I consider him ours. The lovely kitty lady won’t miss him out of the 20+ or so that visit her chow line in the afternoon. He’ll be pretty good, and probably will be our first allowed out. But not for a few good days until he gets the hang of the house and all that.

We’ve got internet coming on Friday. Satellite, high speed. Country Net. It’s not too expensive, and yet not too cheap either. But it’s how we make our living, so it’s okay. $70 a month. But considering we lost our sewer charges and gas charges and a bunch more stuff? I can deal with it just fine. Did I mention… MORTGAGE??? I still can’t get over the fact that we will have no rent, no mortgage, nothing! Shesh… Still feels like winning the lottery. It really does.

Well, I’m tuckered out and I didn’t even hardly take any pictures! Maybe tomorrow I will! Will try and stay in touch… we’re going to be moved in by Friday.

Because it’s Maggie’s Birthday.

Pretty good reason as any other, I think.

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  1. Last summer I was looking for a way to create some curtains that I could use on the outside of my porch..kinda like those awning valances that alot of restaurants and nicer homes have, but they ARE very expensive. I can across several sites that showed how some people used “dropcloths” you know..the plain o thick beige colored ones contractors use for painting? At Home Depot and Lowes and can get a HUGE one for like 20 bucks..and Ive been told that Home Depot has the better because of where the seams land. People buy these..and paint them with fabric paint..and they are unbelievably beautiful. I had several site..but can only find one now.. But google drop cloth curtains and such and you get all kinds of ideas! There very thick but light and look perfect anywhere..thought you might be interested..I plan on painting me some this summer..enjoy..your homestead is coming along great and its looking gorgeous..and the best that the girls have this huge place and get to put their love into it. I lived in the country as a little girl and I so miss it. :(