First Offer

I just got the call and our first personal loan was accepted and we now have enough for a first offer!!!!! OH MY GOSH! The girls and I are so excited… unbelievable. Not sure how it all is going down, but I know it was accepted and we just have to get some sort of verification of funds letter to include with the faxed offer.

It’s not a super high offer, but it’s polite enough, not too unrealistic. It’s a start!!!!

This is starting out to be a WONDERFUL Monday!!! (Anytime I get the opportunity to proclaim a Monday as FANTASTIC, I will take it! Mondays need all the PR help they can get!)

Will keep you all updated as we learn more…. keep us in that little corner of your heart and picture the bankers saying, “Oh what the heck, why not?” to our offer!!!

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