Portrait Time!

We had all the backdrops up to take pictures for a friend, so after we were done, it was time to do a little pet photography time! Jessy wants to do mainly pet and animal photography as her professional focus. And since critters can be a challenge… any practice time with critters is good!

Miss Dixie Kitty is always a delightful visitor for her photo shoot time. She is such a pretty girl.

Miss Luna Kitty is showing off her love of yarn. Or perhaps her unlove of the stuff… hahaha…

All is well until Evee can’t stand to not be in the spotlight. Luna was not happy…

Evee is quite the little ham when it comes to getting her pictures taken by her Mom. Jessy has about 20,000 pictures of her dog, I think. And believe me, I might be underestimating that number easily! haha…

This is her serious Australian Shepherd Dog Look…. oh…. watch out sheepies… Evee has you in her sights…

Okay, no, she has doggie cookies on her mind, instead. Yeah, probably. I don’t think she even knows what a sheep is!

Of course… Edward needed a little photo time… but he was pretty wiggly without a bribe.

Jack prefers the subtle, artsy photo shoots. One that paints him in a mysterious light. Sitting on a bucket. Yeah. A bucket. (Shhs… don’t tell anyone, it sort of ruins the effect….)

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