Lovely New Crock Pot

Well, I got a lovely new crock pot on Christmas morning from my mother-outlaw. (hee hee, she was my mother-inlaw, so now ah, she’s an outlaw?) Well, needless to say, I was very surprised and very delighted because my old crock pot was really starting to show it’s 20+ years of age! It still works, but well, it’s getting pretty rough. Knob fell off the front a while back and scrub as we can, it’s a little stained and just well, not too pretty.

This new one is pretty fancy and all. It’s a nice oval shape, which is really nice, and we tested it out over the holidays with a home grown chicken from Miss Fran! The oval shape fit the bird much nicer than the round one. I had to laugh a bit though, it’s got a digital clock on the front of it! A hi-tech slow cooker! Love that.

In case you’re wondering… we put the old one back to work. It’s our new wax melter for making candles! Did a fine job and doesn’t have to look pretty anymore.

We buy old candles at garage sales and thrift shops. It’s amazing how cheap you can get wax this way. In fact I got a 10 pound block of nice new candle wax at the Goodwill a few months back for $1.99  Two bucks! That slab would have been $20+ at any craft store. Our garage sale fines are often really good deals as well… usually fancy candles that people just didn’t like or well, who knows. 25 cents and you can get a lot of wax this way.

Best part is you just drop them in the crock pot and wait a few hours. Makes the house smell lovely and then you just fill up your jars or cups or whatever you have that would work nice. I have about 12 nice containers that we use over and over.

Aside from the flea market treasures, my only cost is a little pack of wicks ($3 on ebay for 50!) and I picked up two bottles of candle scent… a raspberry and a lilac. ($4) The wax ends up this sort of weird unknown scent… a fruity floral sort of mystery scent. I let it heat a good long time and scent up the Moby a bit, and it tends to burn off the hodge-pod scent. Then just before we dip and fill our candles, we put a couple caps of the fresh scent into the wax.

The color ends up being a sort of brownish red usually, no matter what colors you put in!  Maggie and I made a nice baker’s dozen and they are lighting up the winter nights and adding that nice little sweet scent of summer berries to the air.   And we still have half the crock pot filled with wax for when we burn these out!  A fun afternoon activity that really saves some cash!

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Lovely New Crock Pot — 2 Comments

  1. Coincidentally, I spent some time making leftover wax stubs and scraps into some unique candles this weekend. Some people might not think too much of the colors that resulted: sagey gray-green, pearl gray, and what I call coffee with creamer. I hold my wicks straight with clothespins.

    Did you get some of those round metal tabs for holding the bottom of the wick upright or do you have a creative idea for making something? I had some salvaged ones from the stubs but I made one out of foil and a couple out of twist tie wire (paper peeled off) bent into a spiral. Of course I won’t know how these work out until I burn the candle.

    Next I am going to experiment with veggie oil candle/lamps.

    I feel bad for people who are bored at home. I can always think of little fun projects to do.

    Best wishes your way, Nancy

  2. Hi! Yeah, don’t you love the lovely sort of weird neutral colors that the wax ends up? Haha… We seem to get a lot of holiday candles, reds and such, so they end up making our mystery wax a sort of reddish brown. It’s not bad at all.

    I got the precut wicks with the tabs on eBay… they were super inexpensive and so much easier to get the wicks down where they belong. I’ve heard of people using little washers too, if you end up just buying a bolt of wick. If you are routinely filling up oh 15 or 20 containers, you only need that many heavy washers and you can reuse them. Last I looked a package of washers was only like 85 or 95 cents.

    I know I’ve saved a LOT of money… candles are expensive lately! Even candles from the dollar store are 3 to 7 dollars each. I probably have made easily over 30 to 40 candles the last 12 months for my little $9 investment. And it’s fun too!

    Yeah, I’m rarely bored at home, I have crafts and projects stacked up and waiting and there’s always reading and naps! I luvs naps!!!